All little boys love frogs! I am sure some of you moms can relate to this.  I can remember when my son, Mike was small I would clean out his pockets before washing clothes.  I would find rocks and these were very special rocks, we kept them for a long time, pine cones, nasty bugs but the poor frog was the worst thing I ever found in his pocket.  Just imagine putting your hand in a pocket and feeling something warm and soft in there.  It sure did not take me long to get my hand out of his pocket.  After that he had to clean out his own pockets.

See No Evil Frog

Creative Paradise 3336

Base coat the frog black. Dry brush entire frog with shadow green, grass green (using several more coats on the belly) and highlight with Indian corn.  Dry brush the belly with Indian corn until you get the desired color. Paint eyes black with a white highlight. Spray with sealer.

Doc Holliday


Shadow green

Grass green

Indian corn


Green ware is $3.65 and bisk is $7.20