Police make arrests on shoplifting charges and various other crimes

On March 8, police received a call from Wal-Mart regarding an alleged shoplifter. When they arrived, they learned the 18-year-old Cabot woman was a vendor for Wal-Mart and was reportedly observed placing a pair of underwear into a bag of already purchased merchandise.  The woman was arrested and charged with shoplifting.

On March 9, an officer reported observing a vehicle swerve into the opposite lane on Hwy 25 North.  The officer followed the vehicle, which reportedly used no turn signals, onto Rock Products Road where the officer observed the vehicle stop in the middle of the road and then proceeded driving.  When the 30-year-old Heber woman was stopped and questioned, she reportedly denied being under the influence of alcohol, though the officer reports she had slurred speech and that he smelled an odor of intoxicants.  After denying drinking, she is reported to have told the officer to arrest her because she had warrants.  After running her information through dispatch, the officer learned that she did have a failure to appear warrant out of Heber Springs.  She is also reported to have refused a sobriety test. The woman was arrested on the warrant and was also charged with driving on a suspended license, DWI, and refusal to submit.

Also on March 9, police were dispatched to a residence on North 15th to investigate a report of a domestic disturbance.  When they arrived, the resident informed police that she had been “hit and slapped” by her sister, who was present and reportedly yelling at their mother.  Officers report that the 62-year-old Heber woman was aggressive towards her sister and police.  She was arrested and charged with assault on a family or household member.

On March 11, police received a report of a possible drunk driver at Sonic.  When an officer arrived, he ran the license plate information and learned that the plate on the car was registered to a different vehicle.  The 45-year-old Heber woman that was driving the car was questioned about drinking, which she denied.  The officer reported, however, that he could smell an odor of intoxicants and her speech seemed slow and slurred.  After pointing this out to the woman, she is allegedly claimed she only had one glass of wine.  After failing a field sobriety test, the woman was arrested and charged with DWI.