From childhood I knew I loved basketball, but I never dreamed of becoming what I became.  It all began when my high school basketball coach recognized the potential that was hidden on the inside of me. Therefore, she pushed me beyond my perceived limits.
One morning during team practice, I vividly remember going up for a jump shot and missing. While my teammates witnessed the surprising incident, my coach ejected the basketball from my hands and slammed it into my gut. I was taken by surprise and wondered, “Why did she do that?” With her bright blue eyes, she stared at me without flinching, then exclaimed, “Don’t miss it again!”
As I began regaining my composure, I realized my breathing had been interrupted, and at that point I certainly wanted to call time-out.
With each passing year, her demands on me became stronger while eventually shaping me into a greater basketball player.
Much like my high school coach, God wants to be your Life Coach and He sees the winner in you and He wants to bring it out. He created you with unlimited potential and sometimes He uses others to challenge you to push harder in order to embrace the new frontier.   
What about you? Are the expectations on your life too great? Are the pressures too hard to handle? Unexpected circumstances may have knocked the breath out of you leaving you weak and unable to go on. Ultimately, this is not the time to call time-out. But stand firm on this truth, knowing that through Christ you can do it.  (Philippians 4:13)
You and Jesus together can win, therefore go ahead and give it your best shot and make it count.
My dear friend, please remain strong while delighting in His wonderful promise; With God all things are possible. (Matthew 19:26)