Most people don’t realize that the right brush makes a lot of difference in how a project will turn out.  The brushes below are all used for different aspects of ceramics.  For instance, the large brush, smaller flat, angle brushes and two hair burshes can be purchased at any discount store Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Target etc. 

The large brush is used to brush dust off of the piece before staring to paint. 

The next four brushes are flat brushes size 8-10, these are used to base coat a piece. 

The next five brushes are smaller size brushes to use in small areas such as deer horns, windows on buildings, flesh areas on angels, Jesus etc.  These brushes over time will start to have wear and the bristles will start separating, they won’t have the nice chiseled edge as when it was purchased.  Do not throw these brushes away they can still be used for base coating, and base coating is hard on brushes. 

The next set of brushes starting with the black handle brush are dry brushes, these are amazing brushes!  These brushes will have to be ordered.  These brushes are how the three D effect is achieved.  Note the used brush is discolored that is normal from use.  The bristles will stain from the paint but once washed the previous color will not come off on your next piece.  A variety of sizes of these brushes will be needed to paint small and large areas and not get the paint on the previously painted area.

The next to the last brush is what I call a two hair brush; this brush is used to paint eyes, lips, and eyebrows etc.  This brush is also very delicate.  Therefore, do not leave it in water as this will bend the bristles and it is not forgiving, you will then need to replace it.

And last but not least is the mop brush used for glaze projects.  We will get into glazes at a later time.  I hope you are enjoying this blog, if you would like to see a specific piece just text me and I will try to get one on the blog web site.  Until next time happy painting.