March 6, 2013 was a red letter day in the history of Arkansas legislation.

March 6, 2013 was a red letter day in the history of Arkansas legislation.  This was the day the House joined the Senate in overriding our governor’s veto restricting abortions when a baby’s heartbeat can be determined.

            One of my liberal friends asked me if I was really proud that Arkansas now has the strongest law against abortions in the whole country.  My answer was a resounding YES.  When you consider our great nation has been practicing genocide against the helpless unborn, I am indeed proud this state is finally taking a stand against it. 

            The vote in both Houses pertaining to the two abortion bills and the succeeding override of the governor’s veto was pretty much along party lines. The large majority of Arkansans favor these bills, and we finally have a legislature acting accordingly.

            If you have been reading letters to the editor in the Arkansas Dem-Gaz, you may have noticed a plethora of comments against some old Republican white guys dictating what a woman can do with her own body.  I found it curious that none of these letters disputed the fact that abortions represent the murder of innocent babies.

            Senator Jason Rapert who has been leading the charge on this legislation is being portrayed as a Neanderthal, a bumbling idiot, a Bible thumping extremist and a few other names too nasty to put in print.  Before being redistricted to Conway, Rapert was our Senator for Cleburne County.  In my opinion he is a true Christian and is showing real leadership.  We are indeed fortunate to have had Rapert representing us and now we have another dynamic and powerful Senatorial leader in the person of Missy Irvin.

            Let’s examine why our governor has gone against the wishes of most Arkansans on this issue, just as he has done so on the important Obamacare legislation.

            His public statements have centered around two excuses.  He says it’s unconstitutional and it will cost the state too much money.  Isn’t it strange that nowhere in his explanation nor comments from his spokesman, Matt DeCample, does he say if he is for it or against it.  You can only conclude he is pro-abortion.

            His statement on this legislation being unconstitutional is being mimicked by all his fellow Democrats, the media and many women’s rights groups.  Funny, I have read through the constitution, and as of now I haven’t found a word about abortion.  The warped findings of Roe vs. Wade can indeed be overturned by the Supremes but the constitution can be changed only by an amendment.

            Beebe’s second reason for vetoing is it will cost too much money to defend it.  Now I ask you why do we have an attorney general and the multitude of attorneys paid for by the taxpayer dollars?  If his convictions are that of the governor’s, which is probable, will we get our money’s worth?  According to Senator Rapert several competent lawyers and organizations have already offered to represent the pro-life position with no cost.  Beebe’s other excuse shot down. 

            If you remember, this money situation was the same reason Beebe’s administration gave for not joining the other states in protesting Obamacare.  I talked with Matt DeCample and he said the state would have to send one lawyer to Florida if we were to join the cause.  Interesting, it’s okay to waste millions of dollars of taxpayer money giving autos to state employees or have the state treasurer loose hundreds of thousands by trading securities but we can’t pay for one round trip to Florida.

            With this legislation accomplished it is only natural we should decrease funding to Planned Parenthood.  This is exactly what Senator Rapert is now proposing.  You can bet there will be a strong organized resistance by Planned Parenthood and related organizations.

            When you attack the main revenue stream of Planned Parenthood by reducing abortions, you can expect trouble.  As noted in their recent report Planned Parenthood participated in 340,000 abortions in 2012.  This same organization has recorded almost one million abortions in the last three years.  How can anyone be proud of this kind of activity?


            The Republicans in the State Legislature are effectively changing a number of “ole boy” practices in Arkansas.  During the first week of March the Senate voted 35 to zip to approve House Bill 1193.  This bill requires foreclosure fees awarded to the County Circuit Clerks be paid into the county treasury.

            This bill is necessary because in the past, in counties such as Benton and Washington, the Circuit Clerks had pocketed more than $100,000 each on foreclosure fees.  This legislation bars elected officials, family members or their employees from being appointed as judges to conduct foreclosure sales and receive fees for conducting the sales.

            As with other legislation enacted this year, the legislature in 2011, controlled by the Democrats, tried but failed to take action on this highly questionable practice.  I do not know if this practice was prevalent in Cleburne County, but I intend to find out.

(Jerry Jackson of Heber Springs writes his “conservative viewpoint” column each week)