During the March city council meeting in Heber Springs the focus was dogs and cats.

During the March city council meeting in Heber Springs the focus was dogs and cats. The problem is residents are not licensing their animals within the city limits as required by city ordinance. “One hundred and forty three tags have been purchased” said Mayor McPherson. “Those tags help our Animal Control Officer but is it worth our time and effort” he asked. In February’s council meeting members discussed the purpose and effectiveness of the cat and dog licensing procedure and recommended changing the procedure and ordinance. To accomplish the changes a committee was appointed by the Mayor and included Councilwoman Sharon Williams, Councilman Jim Lay and two others, one being Kathy Mason.

Mason spoke to the council suggesting ideas on combining a city wide cleanup and pet registration day. Other ideas included a pet bath day or a flea dip event working with the local humane society. An article from the Arkansas Democrat Gazette gave Mason some additional ideas she will discuss in upcoming committee meetings.

Also in attendance and on the agenda was the Cleburne County Humane Society. They asked the council for additional revenues to help offset costs. Currently the City of Heber Springs contributes $1,000 annually but the request was for an additional $3,000. Humane Society representative’s asked if the City would be willing to pay a $1,000 quarterly for an annually contribution of $4,000. Mayor McPherson recommends the council grant the request and said with the additional $3,000 the city will save money and the council agreed. The shelter housed 781 animals last year with 54% coming from the city of Heber Springs.

In other business Councilman Louis Short was appointed to the A & P commission and Councilman Paul Muse was reappointed. Two more positions need to be filled and Mayor McPherson said he will have two more names at the April council meeting.