If you don't have good nutrition, you're missing a key weapon against colds and flu

Salesmen come and demonstrate their vacuums in our houses or allow us to test drive their new cars off the lot, so we can experience the benefits of what they are selling.

We don’t usually get to try out our Immune System.  Generally we either have one or we don’t in which case we will be terribly ill.

This past year I had the opportunity to try out and experience the benefits of my immune system, although, given the choice, I would have rather not go through the experience.

Last year in March I visited with a woman in town and she has pets.  One of her pets attacked me and took a plug out of my foot.  It was a bout the size of a nickel.

Unfortunately the woman did not offer to disinfect or bandage the wound, and by the time I arrived home and did it myself, it was too late.  I had been infected with a staff infection. 

In just a couple of days I was in our hospital’s ER.  After testing me the doctor was excited to tell me it was not systemic; which meant that my body was handling the infection except for the leg with the wound.  Even though injured, my immune system was already working hard.

The Outcome

Four surgeries and many procedures later my doctor and his staff continually tell me how healthy I am, and how well I am doing.  My doctor made it a point to tell me that my healthy condition allowed me to live, keep my leg and to do well.

I don’t feel as if this is well considering how well I was before this occurrence, but I am happy to know that my immune system is serving me well.

Even though it has been one extremely rough and very painful year I am happy to still be here, and I continue to take care of my health and my immune system.  In that way I did try my immune system out and found it to be very helpful to me.

Oh, as a side note, if a pet of yours attacks someone in your home, it would be the kind thing to offer assistance.  Not just so that you will not be sued (and yes you are responsible) but just because it is the humane, kind and considerate thing to do.  Also, if that had been done in my case, all this pain, misery, procedures and surgeries might just have been eliminated.

Yes.  I do believe that I will continue to eat healthy to keep a well modulated immune system.  I found it necessary to try mine out, and I am so thankful it was not lacking.

During my own research on our immune systems I have discovered that our population as a whole usually loses 3% of its function each and every year.

It is your choice.  You can turn this around. 

Eat whole unprocessed foods, lean meats and lots of fresh clean water, not cokes, caffeine or alcohol.  Get your exercise.  Now that the weather is warming it is the perfect time to get into fitness. 

A healthy immune system is getting mainstream attention even in USA Today.  ON Nov 8 2011 this was stated:

If you don't have good nutrition, you're missing a key weapon against colds and flu. Basics include the famously nutrient-dense leafy greens, berries and nuts. You may be surprised by these six other top immune boosters suggested by Tonia Reinhard, registered dietitian and author of Superfoods, and Joel Fuhrman, M.D., author of Super Immunity. Note: Don't expect immediate results. Fuhrman says you'll need superior nutrition for a few months to see a real effect on your body's defenses.

Learn how to fight and win the war on cancer by checking this link out:


Improve your immune system. 

You and those you love are worth the effort.

(Carmel Aaron lives in Heber Springs has a degree in biology and has been certified by Proevity in Nutrition and Glycemic Indexing. She owns and operates Anatomy Academy Wellness.  Where she teaches: Weight Loss, Nutritional consulting, assisting with Pain reduction & Detoxification. To contact her email: AWellnessCoach@Gmail.com)