Greers Ferry to issue warrants for those not showing up for community service

Greers Ferry City Attorney Jim Hensley listened during the March council meeting as Parks Director Jay England expressed his frustration to Mayor Mickey Stewart about getting those who have community service hours to come and work off their debts to society. England had several projects that needed to be completed and told the Mayor “that some community service workers don’t show up”. That’s when Hensley spoke up and said, “Oh really? He then asked Court Clerk Judy Triplett to make a few phone calls if she didn’t mind and then said “If you can’t get a hold of somebody or someone doesn’t show up, if you’ll let me know their names then I’ll issue a warrant for their arrest and they can spend a little time in jail. I’m not going to play with them; they have had an opportunity to stay out of jail by working and if any other department needs labor let Miss Judy know and let’s get them here. If we have to we’ll keep them here after court and they can work then or maybe a couple of days in jail will get them to show up and work”. Triplett agreed to the request.

Greers Ferry Patrolman Justin Thurman picked up his Drug Dog and is now known as a K-9 Unit. Greers Ferry City Council approved the purchase of a Narcotics Police Dog to be handled by Officer Justin Thurman in January. “The dog will be trained in narcotics only and will be less aggressive than those trained to attack” explained Chief Majors in January. Ongoing costs for the dog will be paid for by violators who pay fines for their crimes. Students from Skills USA at West Side School, taught by Councilman Randy Carr, will fabricate and install a divider to separate the dog from a prisoner in Thurman’s car. “The dog will be used in the surrounding communities if needed and will be an asset for all of us,” said Chief Majors.

Fire Chief David Bryant explained to council members during his report to city leaders that a citizen donated $100 to the Boy Scouts because of the quick response by his department. Prompted to tell the story by City Clerk/Treasurer Treva James, Bryant said they were called out to remove a tree from the road and Bryant noticed someone had driven over it several times. Those that responded with him quickly removed the tree. At that time the resident who made the call and had driven over the tree came back to find the first responders done and was impressed with the quick response and made the donation. “Just doing our job”, Chief Bryant said. Council members also approved an e-dispatch system for the department to receive response call times electronically so radio channels will not be tied up asking for that information.