The decision to install energy efficient windows at city hall will continue.

The decision to install energy efficient windows at city hall will continue. The Council had asked the Mayor to seek additional advice and come up with a plan to upgrade the building. Mayor McPherson briefed the Council Members that Code Officer Doug Perry gathered information from some outside experts and was told what the city is doing is exactly what needs to be done. The east, west and north side windows of the building have been replaced; next will be the interior. The Mayor told the Council 28 interior windows will be replaced and 27 covered, reducing the number of windows. The cost will be over $20,000 and was not in the budget, ìBut we are very stableî and the rest of the windows could be paid from several other accounts. The next step toward energy efficiency will be to blow in 10,000 square feet of insulation and finally replace any outdated fluorescent fixtures. The Council approved the process.

The Heber Springs Police Department will retire one police dog and obtain another one. Council Members were told by the Mayor that a new narcotics dog will be purchased for $6,200 and the cost will include all the training needed for both the dog and the officer. Officer Kyle will become the K-9 unit. Police Chief Bobby Walker told the Council after he reviewed the existing K-9 program they will retire the current dog to Officer Kyle’s farm. The new dog will be in service the third week in May. The Council agreed to pay for the police dog out of the general fund and amend the budget to a line item into the Police Budget.

The City of Heber Springs will seek seasonal part-time lifeguards for Sandy Beach. The discussion was approved to hire a Certified Lifeguard for weekends and holidays during the summer months. One lifeguard will be on duty during the day with hours to be determined.

Martha Bufford was on the agenda and will reduce to writing exactly what she will do for the city in her bid to build a new website for the city. She proposed to the council an estimate of $1,500 to complete a working website which will include all departments and the ability to email. The website will include codes, forms and other information important to the citizens of Heber Springs, said Bufford. The current website has been pulled down from the World Wide Web because the site is outdated. Bufford will report back to the city council next month.

The city will begin automatic payroll deposits for all city employees. The program will be implemented in May and was approved by the Council.

In old business the Animal Licensing Committee report was tabled until next meeting.