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By Brady Ervin
April 18, 2013 7:03 a.m.


The things in life I choose to believe,

May differ from the things you select.

I have found the truth in God’s Word,

And try never the truth to neglect.

If you choose things that I disregard,

Only one of us can be right.

But I put my belief and trust in God,

And have my strength in God’s might.

I have people question my belief,

“How can you believe there is only one way?”

I have a simple answer,

I choose to believe what the Bible has to say.

I heard a man compare this teaching,

With the only way your life can begin.

You must be born to live on earth,

And born again for it to end.

Your life can end without God,

But the end you will not desire.

Jesus is the only way to Heaven,

All others lead to Hell’s fire.

Take heart with the things you choose,

Have a good time and celebrate.

There is still only one way to Heaven,

And Jesus is the only way through, Heaven’s gate.

Brady C. Ervin


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