One of the great attractions of the festival is the art put on display by talented artists for enjoyment by the public.

Springfest is one of the Cleburne County's prime festivals each year. Hundreds descend on downtown Heber Springs each year to enjoy carnival rides, music, food, and the beautiful spring weather. One of the great attractions of the festival is the art put on display by talented artists for enjoyment by the public. The Ellen Hobgood Gallery has lined up an exciting array of artists to showcase in various locations for Springfest 20113.

Louise Palazola of Memphis will be one of the artists on display. Palazola expresses art through photography. "I have dedicated a big part of my life expressing myself through the lens of a camera," said Palazola in her official biography. "These photographs are portraits; like every human, every tree has its singular story and its unique way of relating to the environment (the space) around it." Palazola graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Denver University and created portraits in San Diego for 15 years. In 1999, she closed her studio and pursued a Master of Digital Arts degree from the College of Arts in Memphis.

Angela Davis Johnson will be at Springfest featuring what has been described as "vibrant, figurative" art. Davis Johnson is out of Little Rock and has a signature member of the Arkansas League of Artists. She has exhibited in several local and regional shows, including the Arkansas Studies Institute and Gallery 360. Her work can be seen in private collections and galleries around the country.

Danielle H. Ross will visit from Fayetteville to show Cleburne residents and visitors art through nature. Ross works as a silversmith in her home studio in Fayetteville and has a degree in geology. She creates handcrafted jewelry designs in sterling silver and copper from natural minerals and fossils. "I don't like to complicate my designs, as I don't want to take away from the natural beauty of the semi-precious gemstones and fossils," said Ross. "As an artist, to design from what is naturally beautiful is such a gift. I enjoy using my creativity to showcase that beauty the simplest way."

These are just three of the artists featured at the year's Springfest. Others include, from the Little Rock group of artists, John Wolridge, Rebecca Loftis, Kevin Bell, Kristie Young, Angela Turney, Etta Sutton, and Janelle Selvidge. From the Maumelle paint group, Matt Colburn, Lori Weeks, Ron Almond and Debbie Henson will be present.

"There will be artists from one section of town to the other," said organizer Ellen Hobgood. "They'll be on the courthouse lawn, in front of Jitterbug, the Main St. Mall, and many other locations downtown." While you're out enjoying the Springfest activities, be sure to pause for a moment and enjoy the beauty created by these artists.