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By Brady Ervin
May 10, 2013 4:49 p.m.

Your Fruit

Trees have many branches,

That produces fruit and flowers too.

But if it were not for the root,

There is nothing the branches can do.

When branches fail to produce fruit,

They are no longer needed by the tree.

They may stay and last a while longer,

But the tree will prune its self of thee.

Jesus is the root,

That gives life to your tree.

You are the branch to produce the fruit,

Or be loped off as He said you would be.

To bare fruit is simple,

The Bible tells you how. The pages reveal the answers,

And the time to start is now.

The Word of God is all you need,

To gain the fruit of life.

Renew your mind with Gods Word, *

And eliminate all your strife.

The soul of man is misleading,

It’s not the Spirit you see.

The soul is your mind, will and emotions,

And the Spirit is Gods helper indeed.

Your Spirit is made perfect,

When you are born again.

But your soul must be cleansed,

If you are to enter in.

Oh, you may go to Heaven,

But your life on earth below.

Won’t accomplish the plan God has for you,

And your love for Him won’t grow.

Brady C. Ervin


* Romans 12:2

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