Please explain to me why all the fuss about the latest caper of the Internal Revenue Service.

Please explain to me why all the fuss about the latest caper of the Internal Revenue Service.  Sure, the actions are shameful and disgusting, but what do you expect from a government entity.  There are numerous goof-ups by the USDA, the Education department, the Department of Health and Human Services and about any entity related to the federal government.

            Even more damaging and much more financially dangerous were the actions of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae which brought on the biggest recession since the 1930’s. These government entities brought about hundreds of billions of losses, millions of home foreclosures and wrecked the lives of hundred of thousands Americans.

            Perhaps the reason this latest government episode is getting so much attention is because so many of us have dealings directly or indirectly with the Internal Revenue Service.  Besides making those regular payments, practically everyone who receives or has ever received a pay check should be familiar with the giant take by Uncle Sam.

            It is comforting to know many of those at the IRS have received large bonuses the past few years for their imagination in handling the affairs of the biggest revenue taker in civilized history.  We should all thank our lucky stars the woman who had prime responsibility for this latest fiasco has been promoted to head up the implementation of Obamacare.  If a comedy were being written for dark humor, there couldn’t be a better script.

            All this reminds of who has the top responsibility for this grand comedy.  This is the fellow who reminded us in the presidential campaign he was serious about his duties.  Obama was so passionate that he declared if his enemies brought a knife to the fight, he would bring a gun.  As each day goes by we can see the fallacy of electing a misguided youth to do a man’s job.

            Obama has the great distinction of being the head of the most powerful nation in the world and yet by his own definition has responsibility for nothing.  The scandal in Benghazi was apparently unknown to him for days.  When the IRS debacle broke on Friday, he announced on the following Tuesday he knew nothing about it until he read it in the newspaper.  According to his administration, the culprits in both fiascos were underlings far down the bureaucratic charts.

            Consider what happens in the corporate world when a major problem arises.  The CEO is immediately notified.  Investigations and solutions to the incident come directly from the top office.  This idea that Obama knows nothing about any of these scandals is preposterous.  Even if this were true, there should be a shakeup and heads should roll throughout the administration if there is no system to notify the president on important events.

            How does Obama get away with this kind of nonsense?  Part of it is having a compliant press, but the main escape is to simply lie to the American people.  Obama & Company are in full deniability mode noting that the IRS is an independent agency and they know nothing about the abuse.  The IRS is no more an independent agency than trees are not a part of the forest.

            Mr. Obama now professes shock and outrage that the bureaucrats at the IRS did exactly what the President of the United States said was the right and honorable thing to do.

            As noted by Kimberly Stassel in The Wall Street Journal, Mr. Obama in 2010 cast aspersions on the Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling.  He voiced exasperated concern that special interests (read conservative groups) could now support the political process as unions have done for decades.

            In his speeches he was horrified that all around this country there are groups with harmless sounding names like Americans for Prosperity who are running millions of dollars of ads against Democratic candidates. Vice President Biden joined the chorus by calling the Tea Partiers “terrorists”.

            Feel sorry for these underlings at the IRS who are getting slammed for this scandal when they were only following the culture and the mantra put out by Obama and his gang.  They probably expected an “atta boy” from the president when they were carrying out the very essence of the message by Obama, Biden, Pelosi, and Democrat leaders.

            The president now tells us he is “outraged” and “angry” that the IRS looked into the very groups and individuals that he spent years claiming were shady, undemocratic and dangerous to this country.  The emperor is not only clothes-less, his words now come back to haunt him.  If the president is trying to shape his legacy, perhaps he should be more concerned about his ability to complete his second term.

(Jerry Jackson of Heber Springs writes his “conservative viewpoint” column each week)