As the scandal regarding the IRS continues to develop, more evidence surfaces that this giant collection agency uses its power discriminately

            Don’t you just love to be put in an all encompassing group that concludes all Arkansans or all Americans think exactly alike?  John Brummett, the extreme leftist of the Arkansas Dem-Gaz, looses all credibility when his bias passes from liberal beliefs to absurdity.

            He writes President Obama gets a thumbs up as the nation (you and me) is distressed by the Benghazi and Internal Revenue Services affairs, but not to worry because this aforementioned nation sees Benghazi as a tragedy, not a presidential scandal. The same nation doesn’t see any reason to believe Obama ordered a Nixonian tax harassment plot against Republicans.

            Don’t you feel much better now being assured by the likes of Brummett that our president is doing a great job and these little blips on the radar are just false echoes of disenchantment?  Probably the best approach is to have pity on writers such as Brummett and enjoy the comedy with a good laugh.


            As the scandal regarding the IRS continues to develop, more evidence surfaces that this giant collection agency uses its power discriminately. The Weekly Standard reports IRS agents asked a pro-life group about the content of their prayers and told them not to engage in protest activities against Planned Parenthood.

            The process of adoption is expensive and requires an enormous amount of time and paperwork.  To offset this burden, which is largely the result of government regulations, adoptive families can claim a tax credit for as much as $13,000.  Somehow this adoption activity was deemed to be a giant scam to cheat the government out of millions of tax dollars.

            In 2012 ninety percent of tax returns claiming an adoption credit were flagged for audit or more information by the IRS.  Was there rampant fraud?  Hardly.  Of the 669 million dollars in adoption credits claimed in tax year 2011, the IRS proposed disallowance of 1.5 percent of them.  However, the IRS had to pay 2.1 million dollars in interest to taxpayers where refunds were held up.

            As noted by The Weekly Standard this seems like an awfully poor rate of return to excuse hassling just about every family that offers a home for an unwanted child.


            We have just concluded the season of commencement celebrations.  All over this country hundreds of colleges are releasing their graduates to the cruel and challenging world.  Tens of thousand of these graduates are facing student loans which will be difficult to repay.  Never mind, our federal government has come to the rescue.  Did you know if these graduates take non-industrial positions approved by the feds much of their student loan debts will be forgiven? 

In order to assure these graduates are off to the proper start university officials carefully select commencement speakers.  A recent survey of the top 100 universities indicates it was a glorious opportunity for liberal spokesmen and women to espouse their partisan beliefs.  In fact, of these 100 universities only four conservatives were invited as commencement speakers.  In several situations such conservatives as Dr. Ben Carson, the black physician who stood up to Obama, and Ann Coulter were dis-invited after protests occurred in these bastions of discrimination and prejudice.


            Most of you probably remember David Axelrod who was one of the major cheerleaders for Obama in the last two elections.  In 2009 Axelrod quit his position in Washington D.C. and moved back to Chicago to be the quarterback for Obama’s 2012

re-election.  He was a regular on the cable and network TV programs to explain to us the accomplishments of Obama’s first presidential term and preach to us all the wonderful ways our federal government will expand and take care of the nation’s problems.

            With this background it was remarkable that on May 18th Axelrod blamed the recent Obama’s scandals on a too big federal government.  His exact words were, “Part of being president is that there’s so much beneath you that you can’t know because the government is so vast.”  What a surprise.


            Remember the sequestration that was going to bring this country to an absolute disaster?  With a 4 percent reduction in expenditures our government services would virtually stop.  Teachers would be fired, firemen and policemen wouldn’t respond, and our lives would be in complete turmoil.  Most of us hardly noticed, but you will be pleased to know that some of these overpaid federal  government workers have found a way to replenish their income when furloughed for one or two days a month.  Using imagination only possessed by government servants they are applying for unemployment compensation for those days not working.  Our liberal friends in some states will probably proclaim “why not?”

(Jerry Jackson of Heber Springs writes his “conservative viewpoint” column each week)