The fireworks event will be held at the City Park on Thursday July 4.

Greers Ferry Mayor Mickey Stewart received approval from four city council members during their monthly council meeting to pay half of the fireworks fee as a deposit. The deposit will be $1,680. Council members Bob Carr and Toby Fife were absent leaving Terry Thornton, Scott Hartsfield, Larry Smith and Randy Carr to handle the cities business. The fireworks event will be held at the City Park on Thursday July 4. Donations for the show continue to be received at city hall. Councilman Terry Thornton also serves on the A&P Commission told the Mayor the A&P Commission will donate $750. Vendors who participate at the park will be required to purchase a Vendor’s Permit for $25 at city hall and show proof of insurance if selling food. Any questions about the permits or business licenses can be directed towards City Treasurer Treva James. Mayor Stewart told council members the Chamber of Commerce is organizing a parade for the Fourth of July celebration. The route will start at West Side School and finish at the City Park. Everyone is invited to join the parade suggested Mayor Stewart, just contact the chamber.

City Court Clerk Judy Triplett told council members on June 20, Thursday evening at 5 p.m., all Greers Ferry residents are invited to attend a meeting at city hall and offer their suggestions on what or how the city should spend a matching grant. The grant is a 50/50 grant and $45,000 is available.

Several other city officials were absent during the June monthly meeting they included Police Chief Teagus Majors and Park Commissioner Jay England. Fire Chief/Police Officer David Bryant was available to answer any questions councilmembers had for Chief Majors’ report. In the city official reports a brief discussion ensued about Park Commissioner Jay England. England will resign after this year.

Greers Ferry Council meetings are held at city hall and meet the second Tuesday of the month, beginning at 6:30 p.m. The public is invited to attend.