These are not scandals. A scandal is something that jumps up and surprises us because we think it is unusual and unacceptable behavior.

Unless you have been living in a cave or completely zonked on heroin you are probably aware of the so called “scandals” that have plagued this administration - all the way from Benghazi, the IRS screw-ups, the Justice Department spying on James Rosen, the many unconstitutional acts by our attorney general and on and on.

            Note that I use the term “so called scandals” only to follow the pattern of the lame stream media who is only now beginning to wake up and finally admit the Obama gang is the most corrupt and dangerous administration this country has experienced in

one hundred and fifty years.

            Folks, these are not scandals.  A scandal is something that jumps up and surprises us because we think it is unusual and unacceptable behavior.  These scandals are not scandals at all but are the mode of operation (M.O.) of this far left bunch. Each little incident has its own shocking and partisan elements but let’s briefly discuss just two of them.  One of these you have heard a fair amount about in the last two months and the other hardly a peep.

            First, the actions of the IRS seem to hit home to most of us as we are aware of the regular payments made to the treasury or we notice the bite taken by the federal government from every paycheck.

            Why should we be surprised that the IRS has been taking action against The Tea Party, the constitutionalists and religious organizations?  These actions are only following the climate and emphasis of Obama and his cohorts. For those of you who believe the IRS is not politically partisan consider this – for the 2012 presidential election the IRS lawyers who made political contributions gave 95 percent to Obama. The dollars contributed to Obama compared to Romney was a ratio of 32 to 1.

            We should not be too hard on the employees and even the in-charge people at the IRS.  Because of leaks and some long delayed investigation reporting, we now know of the “rotten in Denmark” activities of this organization.  But hold on folks, there is similar damaging information arising from the actions of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Department of Agriculture, Department of Education, the Health and Human Services Department and practically every agency and department of the federal government.

            As an example:  The EPA in just the last couple of years has tried to outlaw dust caused by farm operations and tried to require all operators of farm equipment to have commercial operators’ licenses.  Only immediate action by our Congressman Rick Crawford and other conservative legislators kept these stupid provisions from be enacted.

            And what about the 35 czars that Obama has appointed?  Take these 35 little fiefdoms and their hundreds of staff.  What nonsense and partisan activities have they  been up to?  We probably don’t want to know.

            The other scandal that has been pushed into the background but is and will be affecting us daily is the federal government spending and the massive federal debt well on its way to 20 trillion dollars.

            In the last few months you have heard a lot about the “sequester” that according to the liberals and their buddies in the media was a big decrease in government spending.  That supposed decrease is nothing but bunk.  As noted by World Magazine, even considering the sequester, federal spending in non-entitlement departments has increased 35 percent since Obama took office.  Below are increases:


                             Department                                    % Increase

                                  Energy                                       2,066

                              Agriculture                                39

                        International Affairs                              111

                           Transportation                                48

                              Veterans                                            67

                               Health                                            38

Only defense has a modest increase of about 2 percent on an annual basis.


After witnessing these recent debacles it is clear we have a president who doesn’t care about constitutional freedom or truth telling in public life.  There may indeed be something more troublesome.  This situation arises when the people being governed no longer own the kind of moral compass that helps them judge between good and evil.  Many of us have been taught that morality is relative.

            Nowhere has this reared its ugly head than in the world of sports.  Professional athletes and college players have shameful records of abuse and other criminal activities and yet many idolize and copy these heroes of the gridiron and hard courts.  Every dreadful activity seems to be acceptable with one exception. While your fellow athletes may have a record of violent crimes, you are a villain of complete contempt if you utter anything that could be interpreted as racial.

            An incident proves the point.  A couple of weeks ago professional golfer Sergio Garcia made a careless statement about Tiger Woods and fried chicken.  You would have thought Sergio was guilty of murder or at least armed robbery.  Sportswriters went crazy and golf fans consistently booed Garcia.  Meanwhile Woods, who has regularly patronized prostitutes and completely messed up his family life, is idolized by the press and others.  In the recent U.S. Open we were treated to watching every shot and every move of Woods even though he was never really in the hunt.  If Tiger scratches his nose, we saw the replay three times. 

            What to conclude?  In a few years we will rid ourselves of an administration that should be shameful to all of us but without a moral compass the character and integrity of future politicians may continue to degenerate.

(Jerry Jackson of Heber Springs writes his “conservative viewpoint” column each week)