Dragons are wildly popular and this ferocious fellow is guarding a lighthouse. As always, the wonderful thing about dragons is that the options for colors are endless. Why not get really creative and paint this piece to match the colors in a particular room in your house. Park him near a lamp for added effect after dark. Go with glitter or metallic paints, or make him red to match a lighthouse.

Water Dragon

Doc Holliday 1878

Base coat dragon black. Dry brush castle with rust, true orange, true red, and October bronze to highlight around the windows.  Paint windows black. Dry brush dragon with grape juice (American), regal purple, and purple dragon mixed with a touch of white.  Mix rose glitter paint with purple dragon and highlight.  Dry brush dragon belly with rust, true red and gold.  Dry brush rocks with fog, light grey, and white.  Wet brush with regal purple, when dry lightly dry brush with white. Paint teeth white.  Eyes mustard with a black pupil and white highlight.  Paint tongue with true red.  Paint toe nails black.

Doc Holliday     American

Rust      Grape juice

True orange

October bronze

Regal purple

Purple dragon


True red


Light grey




Rose glitter paint