If you think today’s column is simply about fun, enjoyment and making good memories, you are absolutely right.

This past week-end I noticed that families and friends were getting together, cooking out, visiting and playing with each other over the holiday week-end.  I thought it was a great use of the vacation time – since many were off work.

If you think today’s column is simply about fun, enjoyment and making good memories, you are absolutely right.  This is but one of the excellent reasons for keeping ourselves (or getting ourselves) fit and healthy.

Now, what about you, did you feel fit and healthy enough to cook out, bike ride, roller blade, hike, climb Sugar Loaf (either one) swim, ski or snorkel?  I always wanted to keep myself fit and healthy enough to do all the fun things I like.  And yes I probably enjoyed them all.  Being with friends and family and having good clean fun things in my life made everything worthwhile.  I never wanted to miss any of it.

Now, I think the same about you, my friends and neighbors. I want you to have a sense of well-being so that you might enjoy your friends and family along with special good times, and never to miss any of the enjoyable activities of life.   I hope you were able to join in on the fun and to make good memories with those you care so much about.

If you weren’t able, maybe you need to make some corrections in your own lifestyle.

What does it take to feel good and have enough energy to have that well, healthy feeling to enjoy the things you want to do?

Barring an accident or some other health issue – not in your control, what it takes is living a healthy and clean life.  Put plenty of activity in it -- regularly.  Eat a clean diet, and shop the perimeter of the grocery store where you find real whole foods, not processed and non – foods.

How do I do this?

That means selecting organic produce whenever possible, and keeping your menus natural without additional additives or chemicals.  Good whole foods taste absolutely delicious.

Eat a variety of non-starchy vegetables, and make sure they are not processed.  Also the body needs healthy fats to work properly.  There are such non damaged fats in fresh avocadoes, raw organic butter, undamaged coconut oil, cold pressed olive oil, avocado oil, and or almond oil.

Drink plenty of pure clean fresh water.  Make sure it too is free of any chemicals.

Then like icing on the cake, top it off with activity.   Make sure you continue to have that vital energy by moving your body regularly.  Whatever activities you choose, make sure you enjoy them enough to want to keep doing them.  It is great to vary your activities, not only for variety sake, but also to use different muscles, and it doesn’t have to be just exercise.  It could be bike riding, swimming, skating or just put on some music and dance.  Please make sure it is something you truly enjoy.  The more  active you are, the more energy you will have to keep having fun with your friends and families.

This wellness lifestyle works also in case you have more serious concerns.  To get the information to reverse major disease go here:


To me being fit and healthy is vitally important. I want to be capable of moving and having fun with those I care about.  I feel it is definitely worth the effort.

Yes, if you build up your health and fitness, you will have an enriched life with greater enjoyment—now and in the future.

That means you will have the ability to have fun and have a life chock full of happy memories, not only for yourself but also for those you love.

Carmel Aaron lives in Heber Springs has a degree in biology and has been certified by Proevity in Nutrition and Glycemic Indexing. She can be reached at AWellnessCoach@Gmail.com)