The Community Center was alive with laughter the week of June 24th-28th as it held its first annual Children's Day Camp.

The Community Center was alive with laughter the week of June 24th-28th as it held its first annual Children's Day Camp. Forty children ages 5-11 participated in games and activities for the week from 10am to 12pm. Each day started with the kids working on a self- portrait paper dolls. The kids had fun seeing the change as they added faces, hair, clothes and shoes to the paper dolls. Then they would get into teams and head out to start the day. Children were in 3 teams of about 12 kids each broken into age groups of 5-6, 7-8 and 9-11. Four different stations were created each day so that the children had a chance to do different activities. Monday the children were in the gym playing basketball, pickle ball, ping pong and dodge ball. Dodge ball seemed to be the favorite of the boys but both girls and boys liked getting to play basketball. Tuesday glue and paint flew as the children got to use different mediums of art. The children liked mixing the dough for the handprints and painting allowed them time to create something of their own. Wednesday because of the heat they played inside and outside. The helpers and children got a chance to play in tag and relay races on the gym floor. The children covered the sidewalk with fun chalk pictures and bubbles. To keep them hydrated with all the running they were able to get collapsible water bottles. The children enjoyed getting their own water bottle to take home. Thursday each child finished decorating the handprints they had made on Tuesday. They also got to play musical chairs, cards and board games. There was a concern that the group of 5-6 year olds would not enjoy the board games as much so storybook time was set up for them. One of the highlights of the Camp was watching the faces of the children as the story unfolded. Friday was their last day together so a party was held. First everyone got to go swimming at the pool and then afterwards they had lunch of hotdogs and cupcakes as they said their goodbyes. The weeks preceding the camp were full of preparations and it was so worth it all to see the kids having a good time. The employees and volunteers all said that it was a wonderful time of making friends as they got to be part of the children's summer. Everyone had fun and learned a lot for next year's camp.

Day camp could not have been held without the volunteers Paula Hardwick, Kate Clegg and Sue Marion, who gave their valuable time this summer, as well as the employees of the Community Center and local businesses that helped contribute to make the camp a success.