While words of a columnist can read like a boring fiction with an uncanny plot, many politicians work even harder at their art of persuasion

The mystical rites inspired by the Mandingo tribes of Africa were indecipherable to the European explorers. Expression of ostentatious language evolved as translated English for the African deity Mama Dyumbo.  While “it’s Greek” to some, “it’s Dutch” to others. Yet today, many contrive to obscure the truth by senseless “mumbo jumbo.” Read any bills before congress facing extinction. If one holds conservative principles as something beyond idle exercise of one’s brain, recognizing it as a governing philosophy should come easy. Political vessels needed to translate thought into actions have gotten cracked. To avoid any memorandum of agreement that would exhibit their backside to resemble that of a donkey or an elephant, they enter into a pretentious space with others speaking “mumbo jumbo.”  While words of a columnist can read like a boring fiction with an uncanny plot, many politicians work even harder at their art of persuasion. Moral constraints get ignored in pursuit of success, and deficiency of conscious discipline determines the ground rules. Their lack of prompt willingness to change the internal stressed state for Americans reduces each of us to passively sit and wait for Fates next visit. Meanwhile, positive connections on the outside can help build peaceful change within. Anyone can sign the “Sandy Hook Promise” and join the families committed to turning their tragedy into transformation. While change invariably occurs, growth is an option. Senators from both sides of the aisle lacked understanding of that concept as they defied the will of the people and voted against sensible gun control legislation. Saying it would infringe on the 2nd Amendment rights of Americans to own guns is malarkey. This is not Democracy. It’s a sham!  Senator Pryor’s position in a centrist seat is getting hit from all sides. His tactics only create more “trifling with mama dyumbo.” 

     I recently received a reply to a letter I had written him expressing my profound aversion to both his and Senator John Boozman’s failure on their positions. Failures to those families of children murdered at Sandy Hook. It’s now been over six months since that horrific day.  But, our senators have their own agenda. Neither voted yes to more extensive background checks for gun purchases. Pryor wrote, “the Newtown school shooting has focused national efforts on preventing these kind of tragedies from happening again. The Senate considered S.649, the Safe Communities, Safe Schools Act of 2013.  Discussion pinpointed on the Manchin-Toomey amendment, which would have expanded the current background check system on private and individual sales. Amendments were offered to ban assault weapons and large-capacity magazines. These amendments were too broad, unworkable, and would not have adequately addressed the primary cause of gun violence. Instead, I voted for the Grassley amendment.”  A vote to help enforce current laws, address the need to recognize mental health issues, but mainly protect 2nd Amendment Rights. Mayors Against Illegal Guns launched ads targeting senators on both sides of the aisle for their negative votes on background checks. Did the senators believe their gun vote would stay in Washington? Well it didn’t!  It followed them right back home. Americans want answers. They want Congress to do their job!  Pryor declares he listens to “nobody except the people of Arkansas.” That would indicate Arkansans are the tiny fraction of the population who are thwarting the will of the vast majority since polls showed 90% of Americans support gun change. So who are the Senators kidding? It seems quite clear their ears are tuned to the NRA airwaves playing “mumbo jumbo.”  Oh yes indeedy! That is no new fascinating little bombshell! Your Senators have a Puppet Master pulling their strings.  I received a NRA propaganda mailing about the same time as Pryor’s letter. It was slamming New York City Mayor Bloomberg with attempt to “set the record straight!  Senator Pryor knows how important it is to have laws that work.”  Right!  And, what law would that be?  I’m told to “thank him for protecting my rights, and for standing firm against criticism of the biased media and out-of-state, anti-freedom protesters!” Oh yes! I’ll get right on that, as all the while Congress just keeps punting on gun control. There was a time when the NRA supported reasonable gun control laws. Now it’s a lobby group that supports paranoid extremists.

      Mark Twain pondered, “suppose you were an idiot, and suppose you were a member of Congress; but I repeat myself.”  

 And, that’s my opinion. . . . .

(Sharen Jergenson of Heber Springs writes her “And that’s my opinion column... “ for The Sun-Times monthly)