Why have climate researchers found to be putting out bogus information and why has there proven to be fraudulent action overstating the facts?

What do you do when friends desert you?  The answer – if you are the President of the United States, take a 100 million dollar trip overseas and talk about the weather.  With the multitude of scandals lurking back home, let’s change the subject for goodness sake.

            Knowing that many of his socialist friends in other continents would be more sympathetic, Obama launched into a diatribe about climate change, complete with his vision of the apocalypse:  famines, floods, vanishing coastlines and endless numbers of refuges from natural disasters.  His quote to sum up his belief, “This is the future we must avert.  This is the global threat of our time.”

            So being confronted with the whole Middle East being blown to smithereens, unemployment and the national debt at dangerous levels, and facing multiple scandals in his administration, our pathetic leader decides to escape to the comfortable surroundings of his wacko environmentalists.

            This leads us to Obama’s love of wind and sun to solve our energy problems.  In spite of billions and billions of federal and state subsidies, these two dreamy sources of energy prove to be grossly inefficient.  Those who consider these giant windmills to be the savior are finding that repairs and maintenance and other operational costs like taxes, insurance and debt service make it impossible to compete with coal, oil and gas.  Similarly these sun worshippers are now witnessing company after company of solar energy producers either going bankrupt or significantly reducing their operations.

            It seems, as so often the case, these dreamers of the world have completely ignored the economics of their movement.  If we just all think green and believe in big government, it has to work out.

            The Keystone pipeline fiasco is at the center of the environmental issue.  The provincial governments of Alberta and New Brunswick have been patiently waiting for our government to act as the first application for a pipeline permit was filed in 2008.  Despite three detailed studies in effect giving approval for this pipeline, our president has delayed and delayed.  He is doing his best to prevent thousands of jobs and more importantly harm our economical development if Canada builds its alternative pipeline west to the Pacific.

            As noted by Kimberly Stassel in The Wall Street Journal more than 70 percent of Americans support the Keystone project.  Despite this, the Obama mob is concerned they would lose the support of the greenies if he gives approval.  A leading spokesman for the wackos said, “Those people aren’t going to knock on a single door or make a single phone call if the president sells them out to big oil.”

            It’s important to note here we are all environmentalists or we should be.  We all want clean water and air.  Conservation and recycling should be a habit with us.  As so often the case there are those on the fringe that want to take this movement to the extreme that damages all of us.  The Keystone pipeline is a great example.

            Just a few weeks ago a 72 car train derailed in a Quebec town.  Fifty people were killed and millions of dollars of property damage occurred.  More than 26,000 gallons of crude spilled into a local river and could reach the St. Lawrence River before too long.  So what do we hear from the environmental weirdos?  See, this illustrates the problems of big oil!

If we followed the pattern of the liberals, we would personally blame these 50 deaths directly to Obama’s failure to approve the Keystone project.

            Those who think logically know we must now rely on oil and gas as the primary energy source (along with coal), so how can we move this product the safest and most economically – answer: pipeline.  Since the first Keystone application was filed, the amount of oil being shipped on rails has increased 24 fold.  In 2008 the U.S. rail system moved 9,500 carloads of oil.  In 2012 that figured soared to 223,811.  This increased emphasis on rail will lead to more and more problems as the spillage from pipelines on a gallon per mile basis is roughly one-half as much as rail traffic.

            Al Gore, who later sold out to non-environmentalists for big bucks, has proven to be a laughing stock for most everyone.  Twenty years ago he predicted that in just a few decades the seas would rise 20 feet and much of the civilized coastlines would be underwater.  In the past decade the actual rise has been only a fraction of one inch.  In the 15 years since 1998 surface air temperatures have held flat – a fact now conceded by the climate science establishment.

            A question should be raised.  Why have these climate researchers found to be putting out bogus information and why has there proven to be fraudulent action overstating the facts?  The answer is fairly obvious.  If these researchers want to receive funds for their studies, they better produce the data and the recommendations that are consistent with the beliefs of those funding their work.  If not, no more grant money – sufficient motivation.

(Jerry Jackson of Heber Springs writes his “conservative viewpoint” column each week)