Some people have clinical depression, which is the medical term for a serious deep depression.

Some people have clinical depression, which is the medical term for a serious deep depression.  Then, again milder forms such as  seasonal depression or depression because of going through a traumatic difficulty such as divorce, the loss of a job, loss of a loved one, economic downturn, or ill health are all uncomfortable to live with.

No depression is easy to endure.

What are we to do to banish that unhappy state of depression?

First let’s see if we really are depressed.  What are the signs and symptoms?

When depressed we may have difficulty functioning well in our lives.  That is demonstrated by lack of the ability to sleep, unable to work, and unable to interact with others.  This means that depression really disrupts our entire lives.

So, now that we know what symptoms of depression to look for; what can we do to banish it from our lives?

The following are some ways the experts tell us will help:

1.     Structure our lives with routines.  Yes, it is important to have structure, or a set routine to our lives. 

What structure you ask?  Each day get up at the same time, go to bed at the same time, eat your meals at the same time.  Try to do this each and every day.  Structure and routine is something humans need to have a solid sense of well-being

2.     Do not be isolated, friends and family are important.  Be sure to not stay home alone.  If you are home, invite your family, and/or friends to be with you at least part of the time.

We all need each other.

Besides friends and family, pets can be a great help with depression, lowering blood pressure and even helping with loneliness.

And I know it is the ‘thing to do’ to talk to a shrink, but we had friends before therapists, so be sure to ask them for help.  It will not only help us to bond to our friends, but also it helps them to know that they are needed too.

3.     Laugh.  Laugh you say?  That is easier said than done, especially when a person is depressed and down.  Okay, then get one or two of your all time favorite funny shows on DVD, and use it to make yourself laugh and feel better.  And it will.  Maybe at the first it will be pretend laughter, but, somewhere along the way, it will change into real laughter, and then you really will feel better. 

Friends are great to laugh along with us too.  But, decide that for yourself.

There are programs designed to heal with laughter.  I remember one time I put post – it notes around my house telling myself to put on a happy face.  You just cannot feel bad wearing a happy face.

4.     Make yourself sweat.  Yes, I said it, sweat!  Do something that is physical and do it enough to sweat.  Okay, you may call it glisten if you are a lady and feel that ladies just don’t sweat.

What type of sweating do I mean?  I mean something physical.  You can put on a favorite exercise tape and exercise to the oldies.  Or, put on some fast music and dance, dance, dance until you are sweating up a storm.  (Or glistening up a storm-if you will.)

If you want to get your yard cleaned up, that sure will make you sweat, but just get physical and do it.  When you expend the effort to make your yard beautiful, it will also help with your depression.

5.     Utilize that old stand-by, positive thinking.  Negativity, just makes us feel worse, so do some positive thinking.

You can probably find much research being done about positive thinking.  I use it also in my own classes, and I feel like it is a great help.  Just make sure you do not choose to be negative.  In this way you will begin to feel better.

One last thing I use to help with depression is music.  If you find it helpful go to this link to learn more:  ‘’

You and those you love can do a lot in banishing depression from your lives.

You will be much happier when you do.


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Carmel Aaron lives in Heber Springs has a degree in biology and has been certified by Proevity in Nutrition and Glycemic Indexing. She can be reached at