Timothy Haynes, 32, of Heber Springs for felony assault using a gun.

On Sunday morning, Heber police received a call from a woman claiming her ex-boyfriend had hit her and shot at her twice with a pistol.  An officer was dispatched to the residence on N. Broadway and while en route dispatch received another call from Timothy Brian Haynes, 32.  Haynes was the man involved in the alleged incident. According to the police report, Haynes told dispatch the “he needed an officer at that address because he did not want to have to kill that female.”  Haynes was informed by dispatch to put the gun in the kitchen and go to the living room until the police arrived.

When the officer arrived, he reportedly found the female hiding on the side of the house with Haynes standing inside the storm door wearing only underwear.  Haynes was ordered to step outside and the officer went in the house and secured the gun.  When questioned about the incident, Haynes alleged that the woman kicked the door in and pushed him, at which point he pushed back.  He then got his gun and fired a warning shot.  The woman alleged that she had come to the door and knocked in order to pick up her things.  She said she had moved out due to a domestic dispute and when he let her in, he kept trying to get her to go to the bedroom.  The woman alleged that when she refused, he became upset and began arguing.  The woman said that she repeatedly refused to go to the bedroom and pushed him away, at which point he punched her twice in the left eye.  He then went to the bedroom and returned with a gun, at which point the woman claims she ran out of the house and heard a gunshot.  The woman stated she heard two separate shots, but police did not find any evidence of any shots having been fired beyond the initial shot.  At that point, Haynes was arrested and charged with domestic battery and felony aggravated assault.

In other police news, police were dispatched to a report of a fight on Quitman St last Thursday.  A 36-year-old Heber man was arrested for disorderly conduct and public intoxication.  A 28-year-old Heber woman that was at the scene was also arrested for an outstanding warrant.

On Friday, police pulled over a vehicle on 7th St. When running the information through dispatch, the officer learned that the vehicle had been pulled over in the past week and marijuana & paraphernalia had been found.  The officer alleges that the 19-year-old Heber driver smelled strongly of marijuana, but no drugs were found in the car.  The man was given a portable breath test that registered .026.  Although the man had no alcohol in the car, the law states you are “in possession” of alcohol even if it is inside your body.  The man was charged with possession of intoxicating liquor by a minor and public intoxication.