Like a midnight horror movie, just when you think the situation can’t get any worse, a chainsaw vampire comes crashing through the door.

We have all heard the story.  An individual is appointed or elected to an important position, whether it is in the corporate world, the non-profits or government.  That individual has little experience or qualification, but he or she defies all odds, learns quickly on the job and has the innate qualities to do the right thing and succeeds beyond the wildest expectations.

            And then we have Barack Hussein Obama.  He came into the presidency from the voter’s raw emotion and with probably the least of experience and qualifications in presidential history.  Never mind that with our modern infatuation with political correctness many of us believed that all problems would be resolved if we just closed our eyes and our brains and elect the first Black American president.

            Unlike the character described in the first paragraph Obama started out at a low point and has grown progressively worse.  Instead of growing on the job he has proceeded to decimate our economy to the extent this country, our country, has struggled mercifully when we should be booming.  As I have mentioned before and probably will again the very people who voted Obama in are those who are suffering the most under Obama’s socialist and “soak the rich” philosophy.  One only needs to look at unemployment, family income and unsatisfactoriness of life with minorities, youth and single women.

            Now, like a midnight horror movie, just when you think the situation can’t get any worse, a chainsaw vampire comes crashing through the door.

            This would be Obama’s pathetic and destructive dealings with foreign policy.  Most of us can remember Obama’s early days in office when he announced if we just show a little tenderness and understanding, we can all get along.  His first official visit was to a Muslim country.  He attempted to show us the power of his personality and his ability to spread peacefulness would work wonders.

            Now we have the entire world laughing and scoffing at a leader that has ignored hundreds of thousands murdered throughout the world but decided he would show his own manly cojones by bombing Syria.

            First he announced he would attack Syria without congressional approval but when support severely eroded, he decided congress should be consulted so they could shoulder most of the blame.  When England, who always supports American policy, nixed involvement our infamous leader was devastated.

            As of this writing a majority of U.S. congressmen and women along with countries such as China, India, Indonesia, Argentina, Brazil, Italy, South Africa are joining Great Britain and Russia in telling Obama his bombing of Syria is a bad idea.

Without going into detail on all the snafus Obama has made on this issue, two incidents stand out to me.

            First, in 2012 Obama puffed himself up and told the world if Syria starts moving sarin gas around or if they used it on humans, he would be drawing a red line and severe consequences will result.  Then on August 4, 2013 when backed against the wall, Obama says, “I didn’t draw a red line, the international community and congress drew a red line.”  His out and out lies only bring a yawn from the sympathetic media.  The rest of us are so used to those prevarications we also yawn.


Secondly, to promote his warring instinct, Obama sends Secretary of State

John Kerry (better known as Lurch) to explain why we must take action.  Everyone realizes the use of poisonous gas against civilians or the military is horrendous, but listening to Kerry giving graphic details rings hollow to me.  Just remember Kerry, when running for president, tells us it was common practice for our soldiers to barge into Vietnamese homes to terrorize the civilians, rape the women, cut off fingers and toes and viciously mutilate the innocents.  His comments were discredited by the swift-boat group.  Kerry’s credibility should be seriously challenged on any issue.

            Every Christian in the United States has a right to wonder what sin this country committed to experience such a floundering and damaging president as Obama.  The answer, of course, just like Biblical days, we have brought this on ourselves.  Two major groups have joined the misguided liberals to elect the kind of leadership that now exists in the White House.

            The first would be the Santa Claus group that actually believes Obama and the federal government could give them every material need right away without cost.  Burned in my memory are those poor souls interviewed on TV who excitedly said, “Obama is goin’ to pay my mortgage, fill up my gas tank and give me free health care.”

            The second group could be described as the low-information voter or the no-information voter.  They have practically no knowledge on the issues but hey, my boyfriend, neighbor or fellow pot user says Obama is the guy.


(Jerry Jackson of Heber Springs writes his “conservative viewpoint” column each week)