Capitalism and competition are foreign to so many citizens of the United States.

Capitalism and competition are foreign to so many citizens of the United States.  And yes, the unfortunate fact is that so many of these same citizens vote.  Some of them are greatly influenced by the socialist blowhards on steroids that complain about the disparity of income between the haves and have-nots.  We should all be thankful this disparity exits.  This very disparity gives rise to the income taxes the wealthy pay to support the very programs and entitlements the lefties insist on.

            To illustrate, according to the latest 2012 IRS data the top one percent of American taxpayers earned 20 percent of all income and paid 36 percent of all income taxes.  The top 5 percent earned 36 percent of all income and paid 58 percent of all taxes.  The liberals should thank their lucky stars they have prosperous neighbors to pay almost 60 percent of income taxes to help the needy.  And by the way, Americans are the most generous by far in giving money and property to charity.  Just where do you think most of those assets come from?  That’s right – the one percenters and the five percenters.

            Even more importantly than charitable giving are the jobs created by the wealthy.  You have probably not heard of Mr. T.J. Rodgers whose hometown is

Oshkosh, Wisconsin.  A couple of years ago he invested in a 1.2 million dollar lake front restaurant in Oshkosh.  That restaurant now employs 65 people at an investment of $18,000 per job.  According to recent congressional budget statistics on the Obama stimulus program in 2009 each job created by the government cost between $500,000 and 4 million.  Are you ready for a tough question?  Which might be a better deal for the American taxpayer?

            This same Mr. Rodgers has expanded and spent huge amounts investing in two chip manufacturing plants.  His investment of 797 million dollars led to the creation of 4,033 jobs at a cost of $198,000 per job created.  This data squares with the proven fact that private investment is so much more efficient.  Every dollar that is taxed away from private investment and spent by government produces fewer jobs than the jobs destroyed by the loss of private investment.

            This same wealthy investor was on a radio show recently and a caller, who just couldn’t understand why Mr. Rodgers does what he does, asked a typical “share the wealth” type question.  “How much more do you need?”  The answer given by

Mr. Rodgers, “How much more do I need?  How many more jobs do you want?”

            To top it all off during the 2012 presidential campaign President Obama insulted American entrepreneurs by telling them, “You didn’t build that”.  The horrible irony is the government keeps telling the very people whose jobs it destroys that if we only tax the rich more, everything will be better.


            Recently this country suffered killing tragedies in the Navy Yard preceded by similar loss of lives in other senseless mass murders.  Certainly the media informed us well on these killings.  Question – how much do we hear about the millions of innocent babies killed each year by abortion?  Our government continues to subsidize Planned Parenthood who revealed in their annual report they were responsible for about 330,000 abortions each of the last three years.

            And yet our misguided liberal friends and columnists continue to refer to women’s constitutional right to abortions.  There is no constitutional right to abortion.  Those who believe this are completely ignorant of the Constitution or so insanely biased they will confuse a court case with the hallowed document of the Constitution.

President Reagan probably said it best in one of his famous sayings, “It’s not that our liberal friends are so ignorant, it’s just that they know so much that isn’t true.”

            The left in this country tries to portray conservatives as extreme and militantly active.  The abortion issue in Texas illustrates how wrong they are.  When the state of Texas recently passed its anti-abortion law, the defeated liberals showed their true colors.

Because of previous uncivilized actions by pro-abortionists, the Texas state police searched all bags of protestors entering the senate gallery.  They confiscated 3 jars of paint, 19 jars containing feces and urine along with numerous tampons and feminine pads the activists planned to throw at pro-life law makers.  This is what we as pro-lifers have to put up with.  Then we protect those that are hell-bent to not only kill millions of babies but to violently and stupidly protest against those that believe in the sanctity of life.


(Jerry Jackson of Heber Springs writes his “conservative viewpoint” column each week)