There has been no global warming in 17 years

There is a growing craze that could equal or surpass Obamacare as a threat to the way of life that most of us desire.  While Obamacare has been openly debated and openly rebuked by 65 to 70 percent of Arkansans and other citizens, this other threat is creeping up on us with only silent warning.

            The U.N. is determined to achieve a binding agreement to control the world’s energy.  To do this the United Nations will hold its next major conference on climate change from November 11 to 22 in Warsaw, Poland.  This is the U.N.’s latest and greatest attempt to enact a longstanding dream of world governance in the name of stopping so-called catastrophic “man-made” climate change.

            As noted in The Wall Street Journal, the U.N. has charged the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) with weighing the evidence on climate change in an objective manner.  Here is the problem – numerous IPCC personnel have ties to environmental groups, many of which raise funds by hyping the alleged dangers of climate change.  A conflict of interest that is obvious and rarely mentioned.

            All this is planned despite the fact there has been no global warming in 17 years.  Polar caps are growing, not shrinking.  Polar bears’ population has increased four fold in the last 30 years.  So why is the U.N. about to hold another major international conference on climate change?  The answer is pure politics and an attempt to acquire absolute worldly control.

            The propaganda that has been released on this issue is startling.  How many times have you heard that something like 93 percent of scientists agree global warming is predominately caused by man-made pollution?  Don’t kid yourself – that is nothing but manufactured information.  That 93percent is from a hand-picked group of scientists that have already agreed to join the bandwagon.  That is similar to asking a number of gays and lesbians if they believe there should be more civil rights for homosexuals. The truth is there are numerous scientists, many of them prominent in their field, who dispute the claim that global warming is man-made.

            Most of us have short memories.  About 25 years ago Al Gore, Ted Danson and other notables said we had only until the year 2000 to make major changes or melting ice would inundate New York and other coastal cities.  Snow would virtually disappear from many regions and rain would be sparse in most sections of the country.  Records show that sea levels have increased less than an inch in the last 20 years and precipitation on the average has been about normal.

            There is every indication Obama and his minions are going to go all out to support this upcoming conference.  He, no doubt, will send an ideologically driven handpicked American delegation to demonstrate his renewed zeal for the global warming agenda.

            The alarming global warming reports from the U.N. panel on climate change served as a basis for the Supreme Court’s 2007 ruling that enabled the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to regulate carbon dioxide emissions.  As a result more than 50 coal plants have been closed, thousands of coal workers have been laid off, and if Obama’s team has its way, energy costs will sky rocket and our economy will be burdened with prohibitive costs, not to mention energy prices paid by individual consumers.

            Just about a year ago a devastating hurricane hit the Northeast and because this being a populous area and because it’s the heart of the media center for the U.S., much was made about hurricane Sandy. If you listened to the media and the climate gurus, it was almost certain Sandy was caused by climate change.  Those who report information to us never took the time to research facts that show that in the last few years hurricanes and tornadoes have been less severe and less numerous.  Remember after hurricane Katrina in 2005 we were told that was a result of global warming, and we should expect each year to be progressively worse.  The exact opposite has occurred, but that won’t stop the wackos who still maintain that all weather irregularities since time immortal are caused by man-made global warming.  Some will even maintain that cooler temperatures are also a global warming feature.  How can that be?  Here is the logic. You see, warming temperatures melt the ice cap and winds blowing over this melting ice cause cooling.  And this explanation is given with a straight face.

            Pardon the pun, but in prior years cooler heads have prevailed and the United States rejected the outlandish provisions of previous Kyoto Protocol proposals. Under the Bush administration and prior presidencies logic prevailed and the United States completely rejected the propaganda released by environmental extremists.

            Now we face a real danger to the economy of this country.  President Obama’s EPA has issued 1,920 regulations since his 2009 regulation.  This year, along with actions from the upcoming U.N. conference, the Obama administration is set to propose the most expensive air quality regulation of all time – ozone rules that may cost as much as one trillion dollars in compliance costs and cause the loss of one million jobs by 2020.

(Jerry Jackson of Heber Springs writes his “conservative viewpoint” column each week)