How can it be a shut down when it doesn’t affect entitlements whatsoever and doesn’t affect 85 percent of other government operations?

So much has been said and written about this government slow down – not shut down – it is difficult to be reasonable or original on this subject.  How can it be a shut down when it doesn’t affect entitlements whatsoever and doesn’t affect 85 percent of other government operations?

            There are, however, some aspects of this thorny situation that are either forgotten or purposely ignored.  Firstly, all of this nonsense is caused by our greedy desire to have the federal government do more and more.  Finally a few of our leaders are beginning to react to the horrendous national debt well on the way to 20 trillion dollars.

            Wait, you say, I thought this is all about Obamacare which has and is being rejected by about 60 to 70 percent of the populace.  The two issues, Obamacare and the national debt, are directly related.  The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) and various other sources are now predicting Obamacare will cost us trillions over the next few years.  To validate these fiscal fears simply study any federal program and you will find the actual cost is 200, 300 to 400 percent of original estimates.

            Another point not currently covered is the fear that is being portrayed about the government slow down.  Stories in the Dem-Gaz and on television are nothing short of catastrophic.  Our memories are so short.  Go back only a few months when sequestration took place.  According to our president and Democrat alarmists, the nation would simply cease to operate if sequestration took place.  When the world didn’t collapse, Obama said, “Well, maybe not right now but the cumulative effect of sequestration (which by the way was his idea) will be ruinous to the nation and its economy.”  Now you hear virtually nothing about sequestration which should prompt us to exempt the military and put in another heavy dose of sequestration.

            So now we have a government slow down and story after story is trying to illustrate the catastrophe that isn’t.  Here is the important point.  I maintain that the professed dangers from a federal government slow down are vastly exaggerated.  If this slow down continues, I think we will all be amazed as to how we can get along without many programs provided by the feds. Example:  Some 56 different federal programs to help train the unemployed.  Okay. What if I’m wrong?  Let’s say there is a major effect on the economy and our daily lives.  If this comes about, it only proves the federal government has gone way too far in meddling and interfering with our existence.

            We have become so dependent on government funds it’s nothing short of disgusting.  Practically every day the Dem-Gaz gives us a “good news” feature about some program or venture that “benefits” Arkansas.  The October 4th Dem-Gaz reported that the University of Arkansas has received a 32 million dollar grant from the feds to study if giving entry level jobs to the disabled helps them in the long run.

            I don’t believe it takes a genius to determine if getting an entry level job for the fully functional or those with disabilities will help those individuals.  Nevertheless Arkansas is a part of a 311 million dollar project to study this issue.  Wouldn’t you just love to see the breakdown of how this 311 million is being spent?

            So typical of Obama’s attempt to get maximum exposure for the slow down is to close Capitol tours in the sequestration and then to close the monument honoring World War II vets.  When several plane loads of ‘Honor Flights’ arrived in Washington D.C., they found barricades keeping them out.  With the help of a few Republican congressmen, the barricades were put aside.  The reaction of the Obama team – put up higher and stronger barricades.

            It was disappointing that one of our own Republican congressmen introduced a bill to provide that federal employees receive back-pay for this extra vacation on the government slowdown.  That is wrong.  If individuals decide to cast their lot with the feds, they should be prepared to suffer the possible down side of such a decision.

            This is especially true since investigations by USA Today and others reported federal employees receive compensation between 150 and 200 percent more than those in private industry for the same positions.  In addition, their fringe benefits, vacation pay, and other time off are virtually unmatched in the regular world.  Just when did you hear about a federal employee being laid off for poor performance?

            Our own freshman Congressman, Tom Cotton, had it about right.  His comment, “If federal employees are working during the slowdown, they should be paid – not if they are sitting at home.”

            One of the biggest insults to most Americans and an issue that Republicans are pointing to in this slowdown farce is that congress and their office and administrative staffs have been given a special ruling by Obama to exempt them from the evils of Obamacare.  Senator Reid and his cohorts see nothing wrong with this special treatment.

If this practice is allowed, it is nothing short of tyranny against the American populace.


From the Tonight Show – This government shut down is so bad it is possible

                        Nancy Pelosi will have to go another year with the same face.

(Jerry Jackson of Heber Springs writes his “conservative viewpoint” column each week)