Just when it appears Obama and his tribe can stoop no lower in their attempt to destroy our country as we know it, another episode exploded on the scene last week.

Surprise! Surprise! Just when it appears Obama and his tribe can stoop no lower in their attempt to destroy our country as we know it, another episode exploded on the scene last week.

Following the pattern Obama has established to inflict the most pain on US. citizens whether it be through sequestration or government slowdown, Obama tragically overplayed his hand. Failing to pay financial benefits to the families of fallen soldiers reveals once again the vindictive and irresponsible president that heads this country.

When Obama's spokesman, Jay Carney, was confronted by the press, he dodged

and weaved and claimed Obama knew nothing about the non-payment When it was revealed Obama did have knowledge, the same spokesman said the president's lawyers were working on this and trying to find a solution.

All this from a president who has an infamous record of paying no attention to the law when he so desires. Examples of this are his instructions not to enforce the Defense of Marriage Act and unilateral decision to delay parts of Obamacare. The law under Obamacare gives specific dates but without amending the law he simply changes the effective dates.

The embarrassing chapter of non-payment to these bereaved families has a happy ending but not due to this corrupt administration. Thanks to a private foundation, named The Fisher House Foundation, arrangements were made to make immediate payment to these suffering families. Trying to save face the administration says it now has the authority to act because congress passed legislation making it official despite an overwhelming belief no such legislation was necessary.

So once again we have a private institution making a complete fool out of the bureaucratic politically biased federal government. This type of situation is not an isolated event. Look what happens in other types of emergencies or disasters. Who was the first to respond to disasters like the Katrina hurricane? It certainly wasn't the federal government. It wasn't the state of Louisiana or the city of New Orleans both of which at the time were headed by political hacks. Those coming to the rescue within hours were the Baptists and companies such as Wal-mart and Entergy. When are we going to learn that private industry trumps the government in effectiveness most all the time?


This has not been a good couple of weeks for Obamacare and the queen of so many things, Kathleen Sebelius. We now have more than two weeks experience on signing up for Obamacare. When asked about the number of sign-ups by Comedian Daily, Sebelius replied, "I really don't know but there has been such overwhelming interest, we can't process all the requests." Yeah! Baby! Did you also know that most Americans are laughing at you?

Here we have a system developed by a Canadian company costing the federal government almost 700 million dollars. Obama's friends say let's have a little mercy and not be too critical.

As bad as the start of this sign-up boondoggle is, it may be amusing to poke fun but this is not the real problem. When you have an administration that will spend one trillion on a stimulus package that now seems to be forgotten and with virtually no results, why wouldn't Obama spend another billion or ten billion to get the system working?

The issue that seems to be forgotten is the tremendous cost that is now being projected both for individuals and the American taxpayer. Remember when Obama said two or three years ago Obamacare would save families 2,500 dollars per year in health care costs and would reduce our deficit? Most of us conservatives scoffed at such claims but only a few realized the financial hell this program will bring

In state after state those people who are working and described as middle class are learning their premiums on the average might be 70 percent higher and the coverage considerably less. The main reason is mandated coverage required by Obamacare that many individuals do not want. Will it be a good deal for others that virtually puts them on Medicaid? It might if they can find available medical services.

Now we have millions of people whose premiums will be fully funded by the federal government. The cost of this will be astronomical. Certainly hospitals and other providers are pleased because now most of the costs born by hospitals have been 100 percent absorbed will now get a generous check from the feds.

But here's the kicker folks. The initial premiums quoted by the insurance companies are only a starting point. These premiums will be adjusted to cover the insurance costs next and future years. As an example, take your withholding amount on your paycheck. It may be enough to cover wages, but if you sold some land, stocks or had other income, you may owe thousands of dollars when your return is filed. So it is with insurance. Your first premium may not be too bad but the mammoth costs covering every imaginable item will skyrocket your premium payments in future periods.

This, of course, is when the feds take control, banish the evil insurance companies and complete Obama's wish of the federal government in absolute control of one-sixth of our economy to further bankrupt this nation