Common sense and conservatism permeates the very fiber of most Arkansans.

Almost everyday I'm extremely proud to live in Arkansas. Common sense and conservatism permeates the very fiber of most Arkansans. We have a very high rate of practicing Christians. Did you also know Arkansas is in the top five of the fifty states in charitable giving as a percent of income?

Equally pleasing is we now have five out of six of our congressional representatives as conservatives. If anyone would like to make a wager come November of 2014, I'll wager that ratio for conservatives will be six to zero. Remember how convinced our Democrat friends were that Blanche Lincoln would win re-election? After all, she had four times as much money to spend than Congressman Boozman. Unless things change dramatically Mark Pryor is much more vulnerable than Blanche the pretender.

Cleburne County gave Obama one of the biggest shellacking ever in both 2008 and 2012. By almost five to one the voters told Obama he does not represent our values nor the desired future of this country – subsequent events have proven the 80 percent majority right.

Take every important issue and our president has weakened our country, both domestic and foreign. Remember how Obama was praised and excitingly received by our foreign allies. My, how that has changed! They view him now as a weak ineffective leader that has made a mess of the presidency.

One might ask why Arkansans are so critical of Obama. The answer comes through loud and clear when your replay a few of his comments in his unguarded moments. He described us as unfortunate pitiful souls clinging to our Bibles and guns. Another revealing remark was to inform us this is not a Christian nation. How about his apology tour just days after his initial election stating that America has at times been deceitful and arrogant.

To emphasize his standing in Arkansas and to solidify the conservative agenda in Arkansas look at a recent poll in this state. Pertaining to the government slowdown most all the talking heads have blamed the Republicans for these poor non-essential government workers who stayed home on vacation and received full pay. What about Arkansans as noted on 99.1 FM. This poll revealed 33 percent blamed the Democrats, 33 percent the president and 11 percent blamed the Republicans. So what about that progressives and liberals – doesn't that make you feel warm and fuzzy?

On Friday October 18th the Dem-Gaz had a heart breaking story on how the federal workers are so relieved but wary about the possibility of this partial slowdown happening again. The story quoted an employee of the National Archives in Washington,

"We'd hate to have to live through this all over again". Another furloughed employee says, "It's just frustrating having that kind of control over your life and just having it taken away from me." Wow! If you are like me, my heart goes out for these overpaid federal workers who are forced to take another two week vacation and get fully paid for the time off. Just how cruel can we taxpayers be?

As a side note some of these workers applied for and received unemployment compensation. In spite of the fact they didn't lose a dime of their pay. There is now a special provision that these furloughed workers can go on the installment plan to pay back the undeserved unemployment compensation.

To further illustrate Obama's complete misunderstanding of basic economics, he claimed on October 17th this country suffered drastic economic damage because the government was slowed down and thousands of federal employees did not get paid. Using his logic we should now be going through a giant economic boom as these workers are receiving and spending all their back pay.

A related question pertains to how these furloughed workers are going to catch up with all the paperwork that was delayed for two weeks. In private industry if a company paid its employees for days of no work, they would be expected to work harder or extra hours to catch up. It's nothing short of hilarious to expect this from government workers. The obvious conclusion is that many of these workers are not only non-essential, they are non-needed.

We are indeed fortunate to live in a state and a community where government takeover of our health care and further government intervention is not desired. Let's keep electing Arkansas leaders that will keep us as independent as possible. Obamacare is the biggest insult to not only our lives but those of our children and grandchildren.

(Jerry Jackson of Heber Springs writes his "conservative viewpoint" column each week)