Whether real or imaginary, nobody should have to live feeling trapped in a fear based environment.

Whether real or imaginary, nobody should have to live feeling trapped in a fear based environment. A better understanding develops when effort is made to learn about others.  You offer help to those struggling. This is how to elevate the masses and feel the shifts in consciousness that lead to peace. You try and stop anger from infiltrating that sense of inner peace but, that’s difficult to do when “Bogeymen are knocking on your door.” They enter the house with a lot of crap stuck to the bottom of their boots. They obstruct progress and spurn any part of a solution. Valued time and billions of dollars from the American economy has been wasted on their ideologically driven shutdown all the while yapping against what they contend is a costly and dangerous expansion of government. Size of government shouldn’t be the issue, but who government is for. The way to reduce future budget deficits is to ensure it’s for all and not just a privileged few. They project their own unacceptable attributes across the aisle. Endorphins pump and faces flush when they don’t get their way. What did they do?  Slam government’s door in our face after refusing to address real concerns in our society. Republicans refused to own the shutdown. They peed on America’s leg but then pointed at the dog. Their shotgun threat was a direct assault on our system of government. If a majority in one house of Congress can do their own bidding on what they deem unpopular at the expense of others, no law would be safe. Their idea of negotiating was like asking if they could burn your house down. When told no, they asked “so, which part of your house can we burn?” When you say it’s not an option, they whine that you are refusing to negotiate. Folks, it’s not  the Affordable Care Act that is destroying government. It’s the Bogeymen!  John Boehner said: “The threat of Obamacare was so important, it was time for us to take a stand. And we took a stand.” These Bogeymen don’t revel when success walks up the steps of the Big House. All because they won’t accept the outcome of the 2012 election. Not a very nobel strategy and a further erosion of trust. 

      Republicans love to act for the camera with apparent belief that those of us watching are an ignorant lot. How foolish Texas Rep. Neugebauer looked trying to place shame on a World War II Memorial park ranger. Again, let’s point at the dog. Or, Republicans showing up to remove barriers and welcome veterans after being largely responsible for the parks closure in the first place. Michele Bachmann spent the day “baby-kissing” elderly veterans for the camera.Tea Partiers appear to be under the spell of  stupid pills  dispensed by big financial backers that have a grip on America. Tea Partiers are feeling powerful and that makes them dangerous. Men like Ted Cruz. There’s not enough adjectives to describe him. Who of sound mind would hold a faux filibuster for 21 hours to protest Obamacare and during that time  contradict their own protest?  He needed the aid of a doctor alright, but not Dr. Suess!   It seems the “Try it, you might like it” philosophy of “Green Eggs and Ham” is as foreign for him to comprehend as Obamacare. And, Republican Rep.Tom Cotton tried to look good by donating his daily salary to charity. Where was his charitable side when arrogance and poor judgment found him deserting his constituents to vote against the farm bill?  Do these men have diminished capacity to function or are they a simple non-specific embodiment just enjoying the ruckus? The end they seek justifies to them whatever means they proclaim to achieve it. These new conservative kids on the block have the know-it-all syndrome. They may be smart but  lack in wisdom. Their seats are bought by big money that talks to them and they listen. That seat is detached from any understanding of what’s at the bottom of “Maslow’s heirarchy of needs.” Out of fearful concern over votes, they boast how they listen to their constituents. But, polls carry bad news for Republicans even as they look directly into the camera and proclaim they don’t watch the polls. Uh huh !  Is it their duty, as Oscar Wilde said, “to revive the old art of Lying?”  They rely on the fact that people are wired to fear. That almond-shaped cluster within our brain can often disable us if we believe the Bogeymen. So, do we forget everything and run? Do we look for logic where it simply doesn’t exist? To quote Ken Kesey: “In any given situation, there is always more dumb people than smart people.”  Politicians count on that. One thing is for certain. Bogeymen show that insane behavior carries it’s own set of rules.  And, that’s my opinion. . .

(Sharen Jergenson of Heber Springs writes her “And that’s my opinion column... “ for The Sun-Times monthly)