Our health is very precious. Wealth and fame have very little value without real vibrant Health.

Our health is very precious. Wealth and fame have very little value without real vibrant Health.

Of course, that means we occasionally need the services of a dedicated and caring physician. Do you need a healer? At the very least, that is what he or she should be.

Be advised, this material is not to be used as a physician basher. We need our dedicated healing doctors, people as a whole are not in a healthy state, so we need as much real help as we can get. Be sure to choose your healthcare wisely.

When you go to your doctor does he spend time probing into your health by asking questions so he knows you, your background, and your lifestyle including the real condition of your body? The reason for this is to detect which system is malfunctioning so he can direct you in correcting any abnormality. Doctors should be dedicated to learning just what your problem is; he shouldn't be quick about writing you another of the endless prescriptions that so many today dispense.

Is he just as enthused as a detective at arriving at the truth of who and why a crime was committed. Remember he needs to be a healer, so detecting is an essential component of his job.

Down through the years medicine has changed-quite a bit. Doctors used to work at digging for the root health issue. They used diet and lifestyle as a part of their treatment. Then, with so many pharmaceuticals being created we seem to have switched to a drug or bandage protocol approach to medicine.

So when you go to the doctor for his expertise in his chosen field, what have you experienced? Does he spend time with you or does he put you in one of his many treatment rooms, and then just spend a very brief time with each patient, ensuring him a large paycheck, which in many cases may not mean a true healing for you?

It is not necessary to settle for this bandage approach to our health. As we know, in our modern day market 'supply and demand' is still king.

And unless you have been living in a cave somewhere, you know our healthcare system is in a pretty unhealthy state itself. What we need are real effective health measures, and not just another bandage approach.

Now for another question; when you go to your doctor, what is your end result? Does he detect the truth and find out which system is out of kilter, and actually correct it? Do you become healed, as in your health situation being reversed?

Only you can answer that question.

Again medicine is changing. You may have heard about alternative, integrative or functional medicine. These methods are used to help correct patients ills, and they involve real dedication, and an unearthing of the root cause of the problem, so it can be corrected.

Some doctors today have rededicated themselves to the practice of true healing. Let's encourage this new trend by finding these dedicated healers. We desperately need them.

In the meantime keep yourself in the best possible health by your healthy lifestyle utilizing sunshine, fresh clean air, whole real foods, pure clean water, exercise and relaxation techniques.

To learn more about integrative medicine, you may put the following into your address box: 'www,'; then add -


Be sure to put this together properly without any spaces or quotation marks.

Some physicians are true dedicated healers. Look for the signs that will reveal which ones are dedicated to your real health and benefit accordingly.

Before concluding, what has been your experience during your doctors' visit, or even more importantly, what was your end result? Was the offending system corrected or did you get a bandage effect?

Don't just spin your wheels; you deserve the best in your healthcare.

For your continued health and happiness, make sure you and your loved ones make real informed choices to ensure your own vibrant health.

(Carmel Aaron lives in Heber Springs has a degree in biology and has been certified by Proevity in Nutrition and Glycemic Indexing. Contact her about Wellness & Weight Loss –at: - AWellnessCoach@Gmail.com)