On Thursday November 7th, Obama finally came out with what he deemed an apology.

What do you do when you get caught telling a big lie?  If you are the current president of the United States, you make a pathetic attempt to cover the lie by telling another whopper.  Much has been said about Obama’s latest caper, but after all, this is only one of the statements and promises that can lead one to conclude our president is a habitual prevaricator.

            On Thursday November 7th, Obama finally came out with what he deemed an apology.  He said in effect, if you thought I was lying, I’m sorry you feel that way.  But he did admit that many Americans will be losing their health care coverage which is just the opposite that he promised some 34 times in televised propaganda.

            Let’s face it folks, the media is all over this latest Obama embarrassment but as usual our pundits including Fox News are ignoring the real problem.  As politicians say, let’s look at what will happen at the end of the day.

            When all this settles down, if it ever does, there will be millions of Americans suffering from less quality care at greatly increased prices while a lesser number will receive health care coverage at no cost at all.  This of course is an important part of Obama’s overall strategy to redistribute wealth in America.

            The tragic effect of this will be a monstrous increase in government spending and a giant increase in our staggering 17 plus trillion national debt.  And here’s why – with all the pressure coming from all sides, the president and congress will be forced to take drastic action for the millions of Americans who according to independent reports will see unaffordable increases in premiums for lesser coverage.  The latest estimates are that men will see average increases of around 93 percent and women 68 percent increase in insurance premiums.

            So what will our president and congress do?  You can bet your life they will not take away the subsidies that will give the economic bottom fourth of Americans virtually free health care. It means they will lessen the cost of the middle group of Americans by expanding subsidies to them.  The end result is that Obamacare, instead of costing the federal government 2 or 3 trillion, will explode to astronomical levels.

            The simple fact is you cannot cover pre-existing conditions, mental health,

pre-natal care, reproductive services and the many other provisions without skyrocketing costs.  So how will the Democrats place blame for this nasty predicament?  You have already seen it.  Blame the common villain for so many liberals - those mean ole profit hungry insurance companies.  Once we get rid of the insurance companies, as I have noted before in previous columns, we can then proceed to the complete control on one-sixth of our economy by the federal government.

            As a related issue to the Obamacare mess, Jonathan Turley writing for

USA Today gives us some relevant information. (USA Today is not a conservative rag).

He states that for many the greatest surprise was not that the government spent wildly on a defective system but that the failure did not result in one termination.  When you point out all the snafus and the complete lack of performance and supervision at various levels an important question is, “What does it take to lose a government job?”

            Kathleen Sebelius and her team is certainly not the only example of government ineptitude.  As Turley points out the National Intelligence Director, James Clapper in testifying before Congress denied the NSA was collecting “any type of data at all on millions or hundreds of millions of American.”  That was false.  Clapper later admitted that he gave “the least untruthful” statement that he could think of.  That is clearly a lie and thus perjury.  Clapper was neither prosecuted nor fired.

            Similar situations exist in the IRS scandal and the cover up in the Benghazi tragedy.  Federal officials who demonstrate gross incompetence are often transferred to other high paying positions or in some cases promoted.  Lois Lerner who was a major player in the IRS targeting of The Tea Party took early retirement so you and I can pay her bloated pension.

            In private industry and especially in publicly held corporations company officials must answer to the board of directors and ultimately to stockholders.  These individuals must face up to the results of their performance.  A corporate executive who performed as Sebelius has done would be gone in a New York minute.  And yet some people believe government is the answer and we should give them more power and money to give us more “Obamacare moments”.

(Jerry Jackson of Heber Springs writes his “conservative viewpoint” column each week)