Do you recall the nasty comments conservatives received for not voting for Obama?

Do you recall the nasty comments conservatives received for not voting for Obama?  Surely we must be racists. And when we protested against our president spending almost a trillion dollars on silly expenditures and proceeded to run up the national debt more than the total of all presidents before him, we just didn’t like a black man.  Then he proceeded to burden all of us with Obamacare and many realized there is more to this bungling and dangerous president than the color of his skin.  The response from us conservatives – apology accepted.

            In spite of being accused as racists the Republicans have proved to be right on Obamacare.  Not one Republican voted for Obamacare.  All previous programs on the federal level have had some element of bi-partisan support.  How ironic is it that Obama and the Democrats shut down the federal government because they wouldn’t agree with Republicans to delay certain Obamacare elements.  A few weeks later Obama proposes an Obamacare delay similar to Republican suggestions that he previously ridiculed. What a hard pill to swallow.

            Amid all the scandals including Benghazi and the IRS, the common answer by Obama was, “Look, I didn’t know anything about it until I read it in the newspaper but be assured we will get to the bottom of this and hold those responsible responsible.”  True to form here is the latest response from our country’s leader, “Like many hard working Americans I found out about the website’s problems while scanning this morning’s paper.  A sport’s columnist made a joke about the slowness of the site and this got me wondering.  What on earth is this guy talking about?  How could this happen.  I can’t believe I signed a law that doesn’t seem to be all that popular right now.  I can’t help thinking Kathleen Sebelius should have kept me better informed.  Of course, if those Republicans hadn’t been so cantankerous and followed my suggestion of a one-payer system, these problems would not have occurred.”

            Okay, so this is a parody borrowed partly from The Weekly Standard, but you have to admit these made-up comments quoting Obama fall right in line with actual quotes.

            And by the way, have you heard anything more about the follow up on the Benghazi tragedy?  Quite the opposite.  While the House of Representatives are having hearings to uncover facts, the administration is not only failing to cooperate, they are warning the Benghazi survivors not to testify or be interviewed.  Gee, I wonder why?

            Back to the Obamacare debacle, Obama did something you would never expect.  He now announced millions of Americans can keep their current plans for another year.  This action came shortly after ex-president Clinton spanked him for hurting so many people.           

A logical question arises – just who does he think he is?  The complete arrogance of Obama telling us we don’t have to obey the law is astounding.  This fits the pattern that he and the attorney general have established.  If I say so, you don’t have to obey immigration laws or the Defense of Marriage Act or now Obamacare.  Obama recently learned a civic lesson when he tried to bomb Syria without congressional approval.  Only a president of this philosophy could act as if there was only one branch of our federal government.  He obviously believes he is the king and to heck with the legislative and judicial branches.

As you might expect Obama now asks the insurance companies to make an about face and allow what he describes as cut-rate and substandard policies to be sold for another year.  Finally most people are beginning to ask how can the federal government be allowed to make a decision for me as to what I want and what is best for me on insurance coverage and price.

While the insurance companies are now being asked to change course with tremendous financial costs, many state insurance commissions will not allow that to happen.  You talk about a complete mess with no winners – we have it.

            Should we feel sorry for these insurance companies that are being put into this no-win situation?  Not on your life.  Most of these large insurance companies got on the band wagon early by supporting and promoting Obamacare.  They evidently believed they would prosper by having millions of new customers forced upon them by the federal government.

            Is there no long-term visionary in the health insurance industry who realized the Democrats plan on health care would be only a stepping stone to the complete takeover by the feds?  These insurance companies are being used as a tool that will be a weapon for their own self-destruction.

            One only needs to look at the low quality care and the ridiculous waiting time in Canada and Great Britain to see where we are heading.  More about that later.

(Jerry Jackson of Heber Springs writes his “conservative viewpoint” column each week)