The Heber Springs City Council held it’s November meeting last Thursday.

The Heber Springs City Council held it’s November meeting last Thursday. 

The Heber Springs Police Department reported 50 arrests for the month of October, with over half of those resulting from traffic violations (tags, seat belt, careless driving, etc.).  Five of the arrests were drug related, six involved some form of theft, and three were due to acts of violence (assault, domestic battery).

In city financial business, the council approved the municipal budget for 2014 and also voted to dispose of certain records from 2005-2008, which had already been audited by the state.

The council approved a proclamation of November as National Hospice Palliative Care Month.  A photo of Mayor Jackie McPherson signing the proclamation was featured in the November 8th edition of The Sun-Times.

The Council approved the purchase of a new mower for the city from Lake Country Auto to replace an older mower that was out of commission after having caught fire.  They also approved insuring newly purchased mowers to help alleviate the cost of replacement should anything happen in the future.

Sheila Hill appeared before the Council to request the city adopt Pointe One Cove Creek as a city street.  Currently, said Hill, residents on the street had to carry their trash to the end of the street for sanitation services.  Adoption by the city would make those residents eligible for normal trash pickup by the sanitation department.  The Council approved adoption of the street.