This weeks featured pets are labrador retrievers

Love is one of the easiest and most satisfying emotions we can experience and that loving bond between a person and their pet is a wonderfully unique thing.  Pets show unconditional love in a way that is virtually impossible to get anywhere else.  In showing this love and loyalty, they put their ultimate trust people to take care of them and love them in return. Unfortunately, there are many pets that have been abandoned or abused or find themselves alone for a host of other reasons.  In a continuing effort to provide caring homes for deserving pets, the Heber Springs Humane Society and The Sun-Times have teamed up to showcase a featured pet.  

This week, we are featuring Labrador Retrievers.  The Heber Springs Humane Society shelter has several Labrador Retrievers to choose from, in different colorings, both mixes and purebreds.   

     Olivia is an unneutered creamy white female Lab (possibly purebred) with some tan markings.  She is approximately 60 pounds in weight and a couple of years old.  She loves people and enjoys romping and playing.  She is a confident, alert dog with personality.  She would be an outstanding family dog.

     Buddy is a neutered male chocolate Lab-mix, about 50 pounds in weight and about a year old.  He is very quiet, cautious, and somewhat shy, but when someone takes time with him, he is affectionate and friendly.  Someone will need to teach him how to play because he doesn’t know what to do with toys.  This dog needs some attention and love.

     Cheyenne is an unneutered female yellow Lab-mix, around 1½ years old and approximately 35-40 pounds in weight.  The Lab is dominant in this dog, but she is a mix.  She is a quiet, gentle, affectionate dog, and she is very comfortable around other dogs.  With humans, she is a very sweet dog and highly compliant, probably very trainable.  Cheyenne could be a very good companion dog, loving and close but not intrusive. 

     For further information on Olivia, Buddy, and Cheyenne or any of the other dogs and cats available at the Heber Springs Humane Society, call (501) 362-7322, or visit the Heber Springs Humane Society Facebook page.  Please remember to spay and neuter your pets.