Has a schizophrenic epidemic emerged upon congress

Has a schizophrenic epidemic emerged upon congress?  Like in “The Ruling Class,” do some politicians believe they are something they are not? Are they motivated by irrational enthusiasm? With walls of gray and candlelit tables to keep the mood dark and uncaring, are these extremists redefining the GOP as a comedy club?  But, who’s laughing?  

    Cognitive elements of perception allows us the greatest freedom to believe anything we want. However, we have to be able to prove our beliefs if we are to be rational. Beliefs are pretty simple. They are either true or false. We can defend the truth with logic whereas false beliefs attach themselves to irrational thinkers. Like an epicure examining a fly in his soup, the irrational thinker will feel perplexed to discover that truth isn’t afraid of scrutiny. It defends itself like a lion and roars, ”you can’t steal my joy!”

     Don’t allow the bluster of falsehoods and tactics of fear drown out your own inner voice or you allow yourself to become trapped by other people’s thinking. No longer a freethinker, you follow like sheep repeating irrational beliefs.  Insecurity and fear enables your joy to be stolen.  And, that is just what the Republican Party is depending on. Using a fear and smear tactic is their means to an end. Treading the periphery of anomy, they hope to gain control in the next election. They want to go back to when Insurance Companies were in charge and people went bankrupt due to medical bills. They concoct ObamaCare cautionary tales. But, once one wades through the fearmongering from those wanting him to fail, you can clearly see through the flimsy arguments made by these opponents of the ACA. Knowledge awakens joy within us. Stand up for the truth and boisterously roar, “you can’t steal my joy!”              

    Instead of rolling up their sleeves to offer constructive ideas, aggressive conservatives throw insults at the President all the while oblivious to the status of their own measuring stick. Expectation for any new website to be glitch free is irrational thinking. But, this is not the first recipe for perpetual ignorance that’s been written by the GOP. Obama challenged Boehner and other Republicans to come up with a better plan, but they would rather oppose and try to obstruct the implementation of his signature legislation. It’s shameful for America that racism reared it’s ugly head, but this kind of vitriol has no other explanation for the utter disdain handed to President Obama. Prejudice allows for thoughts to form without being accountable to facts. People don’t realize that being prejudice holds them hostage.  Many are quick to judge without always seeing the full story and without any feeling for the truth. Martin Luther King believed, “that freedom was the bonus you receive for telling the truth. Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.” Unfortunately, President Obama’s opponents have not set themselves free. They hold themselves in bondage to the idea that giving credit to this President for anything is an abhorrent act. They go against rational thinking, nevermind it’s for the better good of the people. “Hear ye, hear ye!” It’s not our President that has let us down, but hate that has polorized chances for accomplishments.  He has compassion for 41 million americans without health insurance. The ACA based on RomneyCare, was based on an idea proposed by moderate republicans and accepted by conservatives. Accepted, that is, until it was co-opted by President Obama. The GOP has clearly lost their moral compass when they no longer can agree with their former selves.

     As Healthcare.gov was being visited by nearly a million people, John Bohner tried as usual to paralyze progress. He focused on a man claiming ObamaCare wouldn’t cover his baby. A man forgetting how many children he had or submitting an erroneous application backfired on them. Funny how the truth revealed will do that. They both were left with egg dripping off their chins. Then there is Michele Bachman and Sarah Palin. As Martin Luther King, Jr. stated, “nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.” Both women have a festering ego aimed to incite hatred and racial division that reeks an offensive odor. Palin is always made out to be the victim by the turned up volume of voices from the right. When will they fall out of love with her?

    Joy evolves from peace. John F. Kennedy stated that “peace is a daily, weekly, monthly process, gradually changing opinions, slowly eroding old barriers, quietly building new structures.”  Your joy can’t be stolen unless you allow it to be.  And, that’s my opinion. . . . .

(Sharen Jergenson of Heber Springs writes her “And that’s my opinion column... “ for The Sun-Times monthly)