Letters to Santa Claus

The following Letters to Santa were delivered to The Sun-Times.  We have forwarded them to the North Pole.

Dear Santa,

I am almost 7 years old ant This year I have been very good and I wold like it if you got me these thengs for christmas….. 2DS, sonic game, remote control truck, despicable me 2 game, lego pirates of the caribbean, a dog, mario kart 2.  I wold like it if you got me these things.


Your friend AJ Duggan

Dear Santa,

I am 3 years old and I have been good kinda.  I want toy story stuff for christmas and ninja turtles.  Also I like chocolate.  Please leave some in my stocking.  My brother has been mean to me so dont bring him anything.


Carson Duggan

Dear Santa,

I am 4 years old.  Power ranger sword, Batman costume, Lifghting McQueen rug, train track, car maker.

Love Colt Gunner  Guinn

Heber Springs

P.S.  make my sister nice

Dear Santa,

This year I would like a surprise present.  I hope that you and your elf’s are safe.  Maybe you will get a present this year. J

Yours truly,

Elizabeth Jewell

Dear Santa,

My name is Caine Stogsdill.  I am five years old.  I have been a very, very good boy this year.  I would like for you to bring me a zoomer dog, and a bicycle with training wheels.  I also want a Daisy BB gun.  I will be extra careful, and won’t shoot at birds or glass.


P.S.  We will leave you cookies and chocolate milk.

Dear Santa,

I would like a Ipod touch or a video cammmar or a profesonal cammar.  Merry Christmas and happy New Year.


Greeny Jewell

Dear Santa,

I hope you have a great, safe time giving out presents to everyone. 

I thought I’d write and tell you what I’d like to have for Christmas.  I want some Barbies, some books, baby dolls, and my own play make-up set.

Thank you for my Elf-on the Shelf.  We named him Winkle.

I won’t mind if you surprise me with other presents.  Also, please remember all my friends in Ms. House’s Second Grade Class.

Thank you and God bless you.

Your friend,

Aldyn Grace Early (8)

Heber Springs

Dear Santa,

How ya doin?  Ya got Rudolph’s nose all shined up so you’ll have a safe trip?

I’m six now and I’ve been pretty good most of the time since you were here last.  So I want to tell you some presents I’d like to have.

Course, I always want more dinosaurs.  They are my favorites.  But I also want some huntin toys and some deer and some ice age character toys.  Most of all, I want a white puppy all my very own.

Please give something nice to Mrs. Latch and my friends at school.

 I will be thankful for whatever else you can think of for me so just knock yourself out.

Your friend always,

Garrett L.J. Early (6)

Heber Springs

Dear santa,

I’ve been a good girl all year long.  I make good friends and I make good grades at school.  Here are some stuff I want for christmas.  fubry boom, seal glow pet, flash light friend the (unreorn), boots, bike, clothes, and games.  Please be carful going all around the world delivering prezents and stay warm!!!

Love Amanda (age 8)

West Pangburn

Dear Santa,

I have been a very good girl this year.  I’m an honor.  If you take presents to heven please give one to my moma.  She’s a good girl too.  I want a treasure box, a light up zebra pillow pet, bike, a zoomer, and a sparkling backpack.


Lacey (age 7)

Dear Santa,

i want a

1.  real tea cup pig

2. a my life as girl

3. zoomer

and i hope the kids how don’t get a christmas has a good christmas to.

Claire Arrasmith (age 8)

Heber Springs

Dear Santa,

What i want for christmas is…

A real life tea cup pig not a fake one a real onea my life girl doll as a cowgirla kindle fireiPhone 5 

As long as I get these three thinks i will be happy but you have to get me a real life tea cup pig not fake.  Surprice me on the rest of it.

C.J. Arrosmith (age 8)

Heber Springs