The biggest defender of Obama has been the ultra-liberal biased press.

The biggest defender of Obama has been the ultra-liberal biased press.  For the last couple of months even these cheerleaders have begun to comment on the failings and dangers of this socialistic program known as Obamacare.

            The latest frantic attempt to sell this monstrosity is the ever moving deadline for signup.  First it was Dec. 15th then Dec 23rd then Dec 24th and the latest seems to be sometime in January.  To bring a touch of humor I understand if you have had trouble with the website you can add an extra month or two to the deadline.  What’s next?  If you can prove you voted for Obama or even thought about it, will you have until

January 20, 2017?  That would be the date Obama will cease to have authority to ignore our constitution and laws passed by congress.

            The question then arises – how has Obamacare helped Obama?  Simply in this manner.  It takes our attention off all the other scandals that have rocked this nation since Obama took office.  This would include Benghazi, Fast and Furious, failure to uphold the law and numerous others.

            Lacking columnists’ space, let’s concentrate on just one of many scandalous episodes – the IRS and the targeting of The Tea Party.  This targeting is one of the most flagrant illegal uses of partisan power that can be found in the annals of U.S. history.

            The House of Representatives made a feeble attempt at hearings but nothing came of it.  To my knowledge not a single person from the IRS has been fired from this heinous activity.  All this seems to have been shoved to the background because of the blowup on Obamacare.  Proving once again no one can keep up with this corrupt administration.

            As a famous communicator often said, “Here’s the rest of the story.”  To combat the illegal acts of the treasury department, Obama’s clan came out on Thanksgiving week with a new proposal to govern the activities of 501(c) (4) groups.  These are groups that are set up to educate us on such pressing issues as the size of government and the erosion of the constitution.

            What the proposed IRS regulations would do is to re-categorize these efforts as political activities therefore allow the attack on such organization as The Tea Party to be legal.  As House Ways & Means Chairman Dave Camp says, “The new regulations so closely mirror the abused Tea Party group applications; it is obviously another form of targeting.”  Why should this be a surprise?  It fits the mode of operation whereby 95 percent of IRS lawyers voted for Obama in 2012.

            Although contributions to a 501(c) (4) are not tax deductible, the payments to a 501(c)(3) are deemed expenditures to a charity.  Here is the overwhelming partisan action to this new targeting by the IRS.  The new treasury rule applies only to 501(c) (4) groups.  Thus the ultra-liberal League of Women Voters education fund is registered as a charity, and they can continue to promote liberal causes and liberal candidates while their supporters get a tax deduction.  If the IRS had even a modicum of objectivity, the League of Women Voters would be throttled down.

            A couple of years ago I contacted the President of the Arkansas Chapter of the League of Women Voters.  My inquiry was why was there no Republicans listed as officers?  Her answer was that all women are eligible to join.  When I asked her why the League only supported Democratic causes and Democrat candidates, she told me it just seemed to work out that way.

            Republicans, Libertarians and Independents should have a warm and fuzzy feeling knowing the federal taxes they pay are partially used to support such partisan organizations as the League of Women Voters.  For those having trouble with this statement consider this:  The taxes paid by us conservatives are used to make up for those taxes not paid by Democrats because they get a deduction for contributing to the League of Women Voters.

            On a wider scope most Americans seem to be waking up to the clumsy out of control federal government.  A recent Gallup poll concerning the biggest threat to our country produced these results:

                        Big government            72%

                        Big business                        12%

                        Big labor                          5%

            So what keeps these percentages from translating to supporting anti-big government candidates?  Easy – we now have about 50 percent of our population on the government take for a large part of their financial support.


            Some interesting information for the month just past:

The South Pole recorded the record low temperature of 135 degrees below zero.In the middle of December 67 percent of the U.S. landmass was blanketed with snow.Up to two feet of snow fell on the Holy Land – a rare occurrence.Parts of North Dakota suffered from temperatures between45 to 50 degrees below zero.

(Jerry Jackson of Heber Springs writes his “conservative viewpoint” column each week)