Businesses for this year’s championship game will pay as high as $10 million for a 30 second TV commercial

For football fans December 21, 2013 through January 6, 2014 are the best of times. Millions will crowd into 35 college football stadiums to watch thousands of the most talented athletes from 70 colleges compete in America’s favorite sport—football.  Millions more will be watching the bowl games on their TV sets.

The top 5 games are referred to as the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) in which the top ranked 10 college teams in America compete for the national championship..

$94 million is the expected total payout from these 5 BCS Bowl games 

94,000 spectators will attend the 2014 championship game.

The end zone seats at the championship game sell for $325.00 to $385.00.

A 4 day 3 night package for single occupancy is advertised for $6,799.00 and $5,849.00 per person for double occupancy. 

Businesses for this year’s championship game will pay as high as $10 million for a 30 second TV commercial

Last year’s revenue from the 5 BCS games--$202.5 million.

The average cost of purchasing a ticket online last year was $3,398.00. 

Bowl games are directed by coaches who are paid some of the highest salaries in America.  Nick Saban Alabama $5,545,852 and Mack Brown Texas $5,453,750.

College football is big business which involve millions of Americans and billions of their dollars.

“There are those who fight disease day and night, who assist mankind in times of despair and agony and who preside over the awesome events of life and death. Others work in the quiet detachment of the laboratory; their names are often unknown to the general public,  but their research may have momentous consequences.”  Wisdom Magazine 195

In 1952 3,145 Americans died and 21,269 suffered disabling paralysis from polio.  Millions of people are alive today, perhaps some who are reading this article, because Dr Salk developed the polio vaccine.

Dr Jonas Salk dedicated his life to finding a cure for polio.  Dr. Salk did medical research, at the University of Pittsburg in a cramped basement poorly equipped laboratory, funded by the National Infantile Paralysis Foundation.  School children all over America collected coins for this foundation-- known as The March of Dimes.  The vaccine Dr Salk developed had “momentous consequences”---- the dreaded disease polio was eradicated in the U.S and only a few cases exist in the world --where the vaccine for various reasons is not given to people.

In the U.S in 2010 597,689 people died of heart disease, 574,743 died from cancer, 138,080 died from respiratory disease, and 129,476 died from stroke. 


How many of the 70 colleges participating in the 35 bowl game series  devote as much space to medical laboratories as they devote to football stadiums; hire medical scientists to find the cure for deadly diseases at a salary of more than $5 million dollars and spend millions of dollars on medical research.

How many of the businesses that pay $10 million for a 30 second commercial at a bowl game every year have created a foundation to find the cure for heart disease and will contribute $10 million yearly to that foundation?

How many individuals who pay $300 for a ticket in the end zone will contribute that amount to a foundation working to find a cure for cancer?

How many individuals who spend hundred of hours glued to their TV sets watching football bowl games will spend that many hours collecting funds for foundations working on the cure for diseases?

How many football players upon graduation will do medical research at an average wage of $86,710.00 or will play in the NFL where the average salary is $1.9 million a year or become a coach and earn more than $5 million a year?

To find the cure for cancer and other deadly diseases are Americans willing to devote as much time and resources to medical research as they devote to football and 35 bowl games?  Your life may depend upon the answer.

Will people with the skills of a Nick Saban dedicate their lives to medical research and work for an average wage of $86,710.00?  The lives of your children and grandchildren may depend upon the answer.

 (Paul Rawlings of Heber Springs contributes each week to the editorial pages of The Sun-Times)