Kelley is the week's pet of the week

Love is one of the easiest and most satisfying emotions we can experience and that loving bond between a person and their pet is a wonderfully unique thing.  Pets show unconditional love in a way that is virtually impossible to get anywhere else.  In showing this love and loyalty, they put their ultimate trust people to take care of them and love them in return. Unfortunately, there are many pets that have been abandoned or abused or find themselves alone for a host of other reasons.  In a continuing effort to provide caring homes for deserving pets, the Heber Springs Humane Society and The Sun-Times have teamed up to showcase a featured pet. 

  Kelley is a medium-sized female Mountain Cur mix, perhaps with some lab, collie, and/or shepherd.  Her coloring is an unusual black with brown marbling of colors.  She is affectionate and attentive to humans, loves attention, but also relates well to other dogs.

  When a person reaches out to pet her, she gently nibbles the fingers and presses on the side of the cage.  When she is in the dog park, she stays close to her human companion.  Kelley is ready for someone to claim her as family and companion. She is sponsored, so the cost of her adoption is $15. 

     For further information on Kelley or any of the other dogs and cats available at the Heber Springs Humane Society, call (501) 362-7322, or visit the Heber Springs Humane Society Facebook page.  Please remember to spay and neuter your pets.   

     The pictures taken for this column and most of the pictures on the Facebook page have been taken by Lee Wallace, who has volunteered her time and her talent in support of the Heber Springs Humane Society.  As we enter the New Year, I hope that you will consider volunteering with the Heber Springs Humane Society as part of your New Year’s resolutions.  You may have a talent or skill that will help our wonderful dogs and cats to find homes—grant writing, research on rescues, even fostering an animal in preparation for its forever home. We also welcome volunteers to walk and groom dogs or cuddle the cats. Become a member of the Heber Springs Humane Society: help us to help those that cannot help themselves.