For those of you who think Obama can’t possibly do worse than his performance on domestic affairs, you have an unpleasant surprise – look at what is and has been happening on his foreign affairs docket.

For those of you who think Obama can’t possibly do worse than his performance on domestic affairs, you have an unpleasant surprise – look at what is and has been happening on his foreign affairs docket.

            Starting with Jimmy Carter there has been a yoyo program on the build up and tear down of this country’s military and defense entities.  President Carter’s regime was so pitiful we couldn’t land helicopters in a sandstorm in a rescue effort.  Subsequent reports indicate the training and availability of spare parts was about effective as a third world country.

            Ronald Reagan reestablished the dominance of our military strength and forced Gorbachev to surrender in the cold war.  Think what would have happened if Obama was president at that time.

            Enter Bill Clinton who along with his 60’s wife gave every impression of detesting the military.  Clinton bragged about reducing total expenditures but all he really reduced was our military might.

            George Bush then had the responsibility to maintain a respectable level of military strength.  As a result of 9-11 even the liberals and the peace mongers agree we must maintain some element of military strength.  Bush took all the heat from the loss of our best in Iraq and Afghanistan but this country’s actions in those two wars were enthusiastically supported by the overwhelming majority of Democrats.

            When Obama was elected without credentials by so many that thought it would be neat to have a minority president, the tide turned quickly against keeping us as a super power.

            Our President ventured out on an apology tour and informed the world this country recently has been arrogant and misbehaved badly.  He scoffed at American exceptionalism by telling us France, Sweden, Ireland and other countries must also feel the exceptionalism of their own countries.

            The king of entitlements then turned his attention to income equalization and

de-emphasis of military preparedness.  In 2012 he arrogantly proclaimed we should reduce our air force by 500 planes.  About that same time the country embarked upon the sequestration experience (which incidentally was originated by Obama when the Democrats refused to reduce the increase in government expenditures).  This sequestration resulted in the majority of decreases coming on the military side.

            With this trend of slashing our military firmly in place, our President along with an equally poorly prepared Secretary of Defense is now further curtailing any military might this country still has.

            As usual Obama’s timing is fantastic.  Just as Putin is forcing his country’s control of Ukraine Obama is proposing a budget that reduces our forces more than a tenth.  Military pay and veterans’ benefits would be pared accordingly. (Thank you for your service, Vets.)  Out will go various weapons systems good, bad and in between including the A-10 Warthog Jet and Flying Fortress, the American infantryman’s best friend.

            With an Army force reduced to about 450,000, we would have about the same numbers we had before Pearl Harbor in 1941. But here’s the key – we now have a large majority of our troops stationed in Germany, Japan, South Korea and other countries.  The number not committed to those countries is pitifully small.

            So how does Obama’s puppet, Mr. Hagel, explain the strategy for slicing away at the defense budget?  He explains, “We are entering an era where American dominance on the seas, in the skies and in space can no longer be taken for granted.”  Oh, how right he is - especially if the American public and our Congress let Obama and Hagel fulfill their dream to extract us from the position of a world power.  As noted in the March 2nd

Dem-Gaz the applause you hear in the background is from capitals like Teheran, Beijing and Moscow, those well known citadels of freedom.

            All this de-emphasis of our Army, Navy and Air Force (for some reason Marines are exempt) will be regretted by all, except of course, those countries that have been scheming and waiting for a chance to bring our country down.  The trio of Obama, Kerry and Hagel are bringing this about in spades.

            If you need any further proof Obama’s team is performing against the best interests of this country, consider Hagel’s comment that slicing away at the defense budget would strengthen the country’s defenses.  Using this logic why don’t we insure the financial future of our elderly by cutting Social Security payments in half?




            What a difference a day makes!  Prior to the passing of the Private Option our Governor was warning us if we don’t pass this legislation for “free money”,

(his words) we will have to cut the budget by about 90 million.  The day after the Private Option passes we were told our state government has a surplus of about 120 million.  Simply amazing!


(Jerry Jackson of Heber Springs writes his “conservative viewpoint” column each week)