Governor Walker of Wisconsin is a "leader" that actually leads

If you are like most Americans, the word politics has an ugly meaning.  Visions come to you of Senator Reid buying votes, Pelosi in her vocal stupor of praising Obamacare and a president who is so inept his approval is at an all time low here at home and is laughed at on the international front.

            In politics there are those who have ignored the popularity contests and have set about to accomplish what they promised.  High on this list is Governor Walker of Wisconsin.  When he first took office, the state, long a stronghold of liberal Democrats, was an absolute mess.  The teachers unions and other union bosses had decimated opportunities for jobs, had taxed their citizens unmercifully and put the state deep in debt.

            After only three years this is the status of Walker’s Wisconsin today, one of the bluest of states in the USA.  Walker and the Republicans have cut taxes by two billion dollars, streamlined the bureaucratic process, defeated the union bosses especially the teachers union, reduced frivolous and out of control lawsuits, changed the climate to be business friendly, and to top it all off now sit with a surplus in the state of 912 million dollars.

            They took money away from the government and put more money and power in the hands of employers and consumers, a complete 180 degree shift in how the state has operated under strong Democrat control.

            With all these accomplishments ask yourself – how many of these great accomplishments have been put forth in the media?  Answer – virtually none.  Here is a leader and its citizens who were tired of the policies of the bed-wetting liberals and the unions that were suffocating any changes and the story isn’t being told except in Wisconsin.  Even Fox News, who I regularly monitor, is more interested in gay marriage, the latest death of a drugged movie star or the antics of a Toronto mayor. 

            With Walker’s great accomplishments, the liberal media is silent except for slams by biased columnists.  Typically were the comments by one of the many progressive columnists for The Sun Times.  Mr. Bush said nothing about Walker’s literal reclamation of Wisconsin.  Instead Bush made a big deal about a joke allegedly made by one of Walker’s staff.  One has to be overly sensitive to be offended by this joke.

            During the term of Jim Doyle, a Democrat mayor, Wisconsin lost more than 133,000 jobs and more than 27,000 businesses.  During Walker’s three years Wisconsin gained more than 100,000 jobs and added more than 13,000 net new businesses.  Simply an amazing turnaround in a state where leadership took ahold.  Just imagine what could be accomplished on a national basis if Obama had only a “smidgen” of this type of philosophy and was willing to act on it.

            When these changes in Wisconsin were taking place, the union bosses and once again the teachers union launched a vicious attack on Governor Walker and put up millions to force a recall vote on Wisconsin’s governor.  The mud slinging and dirty tactics by his opponents backfired and he was reelected by an even larger margin in the recall election.  Wisconsin voters could see what could be accomplished by a true leader.

            Walker’s successful turnaround was anything but a walk in the park.  Wisconsin, the home of the progressive movement, a place where collective bargaining started, where the cities are filled with leftover protestors from the 60’s and 70’s, couldn’t believe what was happening.

            They reacted with vicious antics, threats and almost unbelievable actions.  At one point a letter came to Walker’s wife that talked about how Wisconsin had never had a governor assassinated and maybe she should get ready for that probability.  The worse case occurred during Walker’s annual appearance with the Special Olympics that he has done for 15 years.  Protesters dressed as zombies, marched in front of Walker and tried to disrupt the entire event.  The next day a video went viral and revealed just what they were, a gutless group willing to interrupt these Special Olympic athletes – more support for Walker.

            So what can we learn from Walker’s victorious venture?  Don’t fall for the line that we must behave like moderate Republicans, or that we must stop the partisan rancor or that we must compromise and cooperate.  If Walker had followed this approach, the Democrats would interpret that as giving up and willing to settle for one-fourth a loaf.  Walker did not do that.  He hung in there, stuck with what he promised in his campaign and what he really believed in.

            Every media outlet tells us the way to win elections is to move to the center and let everyone know you can always see both sides of every issue.  Walker’s answer to this and what we should all say is “balderdash”.   The way to win the center is to lead.  Persuadable voters aren’t necessarily looking for a candidate they agree with on every issue, they want people who are willing to do what they said they’re going to do and boldly lead.

            To further infuriate some of my liberal friends some of the material for this column was taken from an interview with Governor Walker by Rush Limbaugh.


(Jerry Jackson of Heber Springs writes his “conservative viewpoint” column each week)