Last patients will be seen on Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Christian Health Center of Heber Springs will see patients for the last time on Thursday, March 27, 2014.   This free health clinic first opened in August 2001 and over 3,600 patients have made more than 55,000 visits to the clinic during the past 12+ years.  The Christian Health Center existed to provide basic medical care and medications for patients without medical insurance or financial resources to buy private medical care.  As the Affordable Care Act has been implemented in Arkansas, almost all of the potential patients for the Christian Health Center now have access to a much broader scope of medical care at no cost or a reasonable out of pocket cost. 

The Christian Health Center has been supported by many individuals, businesses, clubs, churches, medical professionals, and medical institutions.  There have been dozens of good people who have volunteered their time to operate and staff the clinic, making it work very well without a single paid employee.    I have the most profound sense of gratitude and pride in the work accomplished by these many volunteers and financial supporters over the years and I want to be sure they know that their work has been appreciated by the patients and all involved in the clinic. 

As health care knowledge, technology and availability continue to evolve, we can hope that the lack of access to care will disappear and that our children, young working adults, and the retired and disabled will no longer have to choose between food and medicine, or paying the electric bill instead of a visit to a health care provider.