9.2 million jobs have been lost under Obama’s tutelage.

The Obama administration has brought about a tremendous change in attitude concerning the advisability of having a job.  Not too long ago it was pretty well accepted if you were healthy and under 65 years of age, the primary goal was to continue in or find a new job.  Not so today.

            The proof is in the numbers.  To try to prove he and his administration are something they aren’t, Obama boasts that 8 million new jobs have been created on his watch.  What he doesn’t say is there are 1.2 million fewer jobs today than in 2007 when the recession began.  This means that 9.2 million jobs have been lost under Obama’s tutelage.  The unemployment rate would rise to 13.3 percent if participation in the workforce was the same now as when the downturn began.           

Obama’s excuse is that he took office in the midst of a deep recession.  As pointed out in The Weekly Standard, President Reagan also faced a harsh downturn.  Reagan, unlike the hapless and struggling Obama, ignited an economic boom and robust growth in jobs.

            The key difference is the policies they pursued.  Reagan cut taxes and spending, imposed sweeping deregulation and supported slower growth in the money supply.  Obama has done the opposite.  Reagan offered the private sector incentives to create jobs while Obama has relied almost entirely on government in an attempt to enlarge the workforce.  Even a neophyte studying economics knows the private sector is far better in creating jobs than the government is.

            Nevertheless Obama plods on.  Backed by his cadre of ivory tower and college professor types, he continues to believe the federal government is the key in job creation.  Consider the failed attempt to promote green jobs and alternative energy such as wind and sun.  Now he wants to form a network of “jobs for high-tech manufacturing”.  The premise for this type of activity is flawed.  It sees government as the trigger for innovation and job creation.  It just doesn’t work that way and never will.  All the great innovations, new products and information type breakthroughs have risen from private industry.

            The present policy for helping the unemployed is just as flawed.  Obama’s persistence in advocating an extension of unemployment benefits for the jobless is counter-productive.  Obviously the president doesn’t understand that subsidizing joblessness is a sure way to keep people from working.  If you disagree with this, how do you explain study after study that shows us the unemployed somehow tend to find most of their jobs when unemployment benefits are about to expire or have already expired?

            The influence of the environmental extremist is strong in the Obama camp.  Their policies are relentless job killers.  Tens of thousands of jobs have been lost as a result of Obama’s war against coal. His failure to approve the Keystone pipeline keeps thousands from being employed.  Natural gas production on private lands has been a boom to job creation but Obama has restricted gas and oil production on federal lands.

            Recently I discussed the benefits of job creation with one of the county’s influential citizens. I commented on the number of jobs created in one of the northern states under the leadership of a Republican governor. This citizen was not too impressed as he asked skeptically – what kind of jobs?

            I don’t have the breakdown of the kind of jobs, but as Hilary Clinton recently remarked - what difference does it make?  Assuming they are all low paying jobs isn’t it better to have 100,000 people working instead of being unemployed and relying 100 percent on government funds?  To some people on the left the answer is not necessarily.  The attitude on having a job has definitely changed.  No longer is the dignity of working for a living an important element for many Americans.

            The do-gooders (who usually won’t use their own money to help) will tell you those making the minimum wage can’t raise a family on say $8.00 per hour.  Of course you can’t, but look further than this simple statement.  If a family man or woman makes about 16 thousand dollars a year in a low paying job, can receive non-taxable Earned Income Credit up to $6,100, food stamps at several hundred dollars a month, free subsidized health care under Obamacare, partial payment by HUD for housing and other assistance from the state or federal government, a person with any creativity can make it work.  In many of these cases the individual worker, man or woman, at the minimum wage job will graduate to a more responsible job paying more money.

            Isn’t this better than sitting at home waiting for the next welfare check and complaining that these money hungry capitalists are only interested in profits and could easily pay everyone a better wage?




            Good news for those of you who are backers of Obama.  A recent poll shows Obama to be the fifth most admired president in this country’s history.  Here’s how it works:  Washington, Lincoln and Reagan are tied for first. 17 presidents tied for second, 22 presidents tied for third, Jimmy Carter in fourth and Obama in a surprising fifth place position.


(Jerry Jackson of Heber Springs writes his “conservative viewpoint” column each week)