Let’s review a recent event involving bigotry and failure to support inclusiveness.  A high ranking executive was fired because he supported gays and lesbians and six years ago he gave $1,000 to the gay and lesbians’ movement.  Surely this country has evolved to the point where we must be more inclusive especially in the corporate world.

            There is just one thing wrong with this little scenario.  The facts are the CEO of Mozilla was forced out because six years ago he gave $1,000 to support traditional marriage in California.  You see, this movement for inclusiveness has become so one-sided there is no room to be inclusive – you must have only one opinion – that of not only tolerating gay marriage but actively supporting it or you are a villain that needs to be punished.

            Listen to a quote from Mozilla executive Chairwoman Mitchell Baker, “We have employees with a wide variety of views.  Our culture of openness exists to encourage staff and community to share their beliefs and opinions in public….This time we failed to listen to engage and to be guided by our community.”  As a result Chairwoman Baker led a movement to get rid of CEO Brendan Eich

Examine this quote from Chairwoman Baker who brags of a culture of openness and fairness.  Following her words and Mozilla’s actions you are fair and inclusive only if you go along with her beliefs.  If you dare to believe that marriage should be between one man and one woman, forget the openness and diversity of views.  You are simply wrong and must be kicked out of our company because you don’t agree with us.

What kind of fascist organization has this company and other companies become?  Organizations such as GLAAD are attempting not only to support gay marriage but to demonize anyone who dares voice an opinion supporting traditional marriage of one man and one woman.

Thankfully not all corporations are so narrow minded and openly hostile to those with such old fashioned beliefs favoring Biblical standards.  About two years ago proponents of gay marriage tried to organize a boycott of Chick-fil-A after president

Dan Cathy said he opposed gay marriage and supported the Biblical definition of the family unit.  This protest turned out to be a dismal failure.  In fact as a result of the attempted boycott, the opposite happened.  As we were in Denver at the time we noted   Christians and supporters of traditional marriage swamped these stores and business was so good that cars lined up for blocks to show their support and patronage.

Another example of GLAAD (Gays and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) being kicked back on their heels pertains to Phil Robertson and the popular TV show Duck Dynasty.  When Mr. Robertson made comments that he was against gay marriage, the TV network A&E indefinitely suspended him.  This action was taken only hours after an early morning phone call between A& E executives and GLAAD.  Once again these tactics backfired.

A record number of phone calls supporting Robertson were received by A&E and as a result A&E was forced to reinstate Mr. Robertson rather quickly.  Thank goodness there still remain individuals and organizations that can rise against the bullying tactics of such entities as GLAAD.

Despite a dizzying campaign to convince us that gay marriage is just as beneficial to society as traditional marriage, the cold hard facts still exist.  Those facts are that there have been constitutional votes by the citizens in 32 states and in all 32 states the provision stated that marriage is defined as being between one man and one woman.  Not one instance where this emotional issue was put to a popular vote did the gay and lesbian crowd win.

A logical question arises then why is there 15 or so states where gay marriage has been legalized?  The answer is that in every case this decision has been forced onto the people by either state legislatures or more likely, liberal judges who have taken it on themselves to overrule the wishes of the people.




Have you noticed The Sun Times liberal columnists and cartoonist regularly demonizing Rush Limbaugh?  Of particular note was Dave Granlund’s cartoon portraying Limbaugh as a pompous scoundrel reading racist and vulgar stories to young kids.  Rush has recently written and published two children’s books that are up for top honors and are anything but vulgar and racist.  And have you heard anything from jealous liberals about Rush devoting last Friday’s program for raising a record amount of money to fight leukemia, and Rush himself donating $500,000 (a half million) to this worthy project?  Unlike Limbaugh many liberals don’t want to give their money but would rather give your money and disguise this as government generosity.


(Jerry Jackson of Heber Springs writes his “conservative viewpoint” column each week)