Residents of Mayflower, Vilonia, and other areas of Faulkner County are recovering Monday after a devastating tornado ripped through the area Sunday night.

The twister is the blame for 14 confirmed deaths and dozens of injuries in the state.

One local organization is calling on the community to join them in assisting the citizens of Faulkner County.

Shine Through Missions, a nonprofit group, will be collecting items to take citizens to Mayflower and Vilonia.

“Because they are so close to Arkadelphia we will have crews going there all week,” said Jennifer Bagwell of Shine Through Missions.
Volunteers with Shine Through Missions were expected to go to Faulkner County on Monday to assist with cleanup.

According to Bagwell, items such as bottled water, baby wipes, diapers, non-perishable foods, soaps, bathroom supplies, and men and women’s hygiene products are being accepted.

“I spoke to a lady this morning with the humane society and they could use items such as dog food and cat food to help with the animals,” said Bagwell.

Bagwell noted that there is also a need for blankets, pillows, and yard tools.

Although Shine Through Missions is planning to make trips all week, Bagwell said it is preferred that a truck load of items be taken each time.
According to Bagwell, the items collected in Clark County will be taken to churches in organizations in Faulkner County for distribution.

“We won’t be dropping at the Red Cross, but we will be going to shelter and doing a more one-on-one ministry,” Bagwell said.

Shine Through Missions workers are not paid for their services.

“They drive their own vehicles, use their own gas, and pay for their own food,” said Bagwell.
According to Bagwell, donations of any caliber will be accepted.

Anyone who would like to donate items may drop them off at one of three locations in Arkadelphia.

Drop-off locations are:

• Shepherd’s Quick Stop, located at 3120 Pine St.
• Cuddle Bugs Daycare, 820 Wade St.
• The Clark County Sheriff’s Department, 406 S. Fifth St.

Anyone who would like to donate items or who would like more information on the drive may contact Bagwell at (870) 260-6060, her husband Brain at 260-6061, or visit the Shine Through Mission’s Facebook page.

In addition, a drive has been slated for Tuesday evening from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. at El Torero’s, located at 2805 Pine St.

According to Brent Bagwell, 100 percent of all donations will be going to the residents of Faulkner County.