Prepare to be gifted with valuable information toward making wise, safe and cost-effective decisions about your health!

KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!  Prepare to be gifted with valuable information toward making wise, safe and cost-effective decisions about your health!  You’ll discover new and alternative solutions through pure essential oils and natural remedies...a journey worth taking.


You can gain peace of mind and be empowered to make wiser, safer - and most importantly, informed healthcare decisions for yourself and your family.  And doctors are on board!  Yes, hundreds of medical professionals are now providing their patients with options for using alternative, natural solutions.  In a day when so many are concerned about the side effects of prescription medicines, more and more families are turning to natural and safer approaches to wellness while reinventing effective healthcare for personal home use.


Essential oils are nothing new, they’ve been around since time began.  A great example is the biblical reference of frankincense and myrrh brought to the Christ child by the three kings.  Dozens more references are throughout the Bible, with the Egyptians being first on the scene to use the oils as medicines and in religious ceremonies. Those essential oils were more valuable than gold, and they’re just as valuable today.


Essential oils are from the roots, seeds, bark and flowers of plants.  Peel a grapefruit or an orange and you’ll experience the natural aroma of the oils found in the rinds.  The same effect comes from smelling flowers and plants.  The oils produce distinctive fragrances, promote pollination and protect the plants against disease and predators.


FRANKINCENSE MAKES SENSE!  First, find a certified 100% pure therapeutic grade of frankincense.  The tree resin is distilled by a quality controlled steaming process to produce the essential oil.  Frankincense will heal cuts and scrapes by applying a few drops to the skin, and it brings calm, restful sleep to children, when applied at bedtime to the bottoms of their feet.  It relieves back pain, stress - even insect bites, and has been known to balance moods, relieve anxiety, and reduce inflammation from painful arthritis.  It’s an “all purpose” essential oil.  When in doubt…grab the frankincense!


AHHH…MYRRH!  Did you know that using myrrh will aid in the healing of skin allergies, wounds, infections, and will repair dry, chapped skin?  Remember, these pure, essential oils are very potent and only a few drops are necessary.  Myrrh also relieves congestion, gum disease, and has proved to be beneficial in treating memory loss, liver cirrhosis and hepatitis.


NEXT WEDNESDAY - three favorite essential oils, lemon, lavender and peppermint! 


(Brenda Erby Fudge has lived in Quitman, AR for 20 years, is a member of the Rotary Club of Heber Springs, the Chamber of Commerce, and owns her own business.  She is an active wellness advocate of natural, alternative healthcare solutions.  SUBMIT YOUR QUESTIONS TO MY “Q&A” -  - OR MAIL - PO BOX 367, QUITMAN, AR  72131)