Why not have prospective voters have a little knowledge of the United States and basic civics before they have the privilege of casting a vote?

Last week Judge Fox (who has to be a flaming liberal) ruled against the Arkansas Voter I.D. law.  This law was passed with an overwhelming majority in the 2013 legislative session.  Evidently Judge Fox is fighting his own judgment as now he has issued a stay on his own ruling.

            The idea that voter fraud has not existed in Arkansas is laughable.  When more votes are counted than the number of registered voters in a precinct something is surely amiss.  If you recall, Governor Beebe vetoed this I.D. law.  The reason he gave was this law was simply a solution in search of a problem.  As a lifelong Democrat in Arkansas he should know better.  Perhaps he needs a history lesson on politics in Arkansas.

            Even if there was no current history of voter fraud, what’s wrong with a little preventive action?  Do we have to wait for a major embarrassing scandal for good legislation?

            In my opinion the problem with the I.D. law is it didn’t go nearly far enough.  Why not have prospective voters have a little knowledge of the United States and basic civics before they have the privilege of casting a vote?  When a newcomer comes to this country and before he receives his citizenship papers, he or she must possess a little knowledge on how America works.  The idea that some crack-head on welfare living on your and my tax money and having no civic responsibility can offset my vote is insulting.

About two weeks ago Fox News gave us some street interviews with students and other adults from such liberal bastions as New York City, Madison Wisconsin and San Francisco California.  Only 2 in 10 could name our national vice president.  Only a pitiful minority could name their senator or representative.  In Denver, Colorado the question had to be repeated several times as they were so zonked out on marijuana it didn’t register.

            All this seems rather humorous to see these bumbling idiots on the TV screen, but it’s not so funny when you realize their votes count as much as any hard working citizen or any business owner who is providing jobs for 50 or 60 people.

            Many years ago in some countries in order to exercise the privilege to vote one had to be an owner of property – usually meaning land.  While I am not proposing this radical move, it makes about as much sense as having those who are completely ignorant of important issues allowed to cast their vote.

            So when you see pleadings on TV and read the heart tugging request that everyone should vote, how about replacing that simplistic statement with a reasonable request that suggests all INFORMED citizens should vote.

            This voting I.D. issue is only one example of why we need a Republican governor for the state of Arkansas.  The abortion issue is another.  In the 2013 legislative session the house and senate passed two anti-abortion bills by large margins.  Once again Governor Beebe vetoed this legislation.  How can our governor be so out of touch with the sentiment against this hideous practice that is prevalent not only in Arkansas but across America?  The exceptions, of course, are the white liberals in the big cities.

            The only excuse our governor gave for his veto was that is was unconstitutional

That’s always the reason given when no other argument makes sense.  For us uninformed hicks who live in this county, please show us where the constitution says the murder of unborn infants is protected.

            The anti-abortion movement is not just popular with white conservatives.  The overwhelming number of black leaders and ministers are strongly against this abhorrent practice. It is important to note the primary reason the United Methodist Church maintains its Biblical stance against abortion and gay marriage is because our black brethren in the United Methodist Church are solidly against these two violations of humankind.

            So guess who Governor Beebe is backing to replace himself.  You guessed it – Mike Ross who will try to fool the people that he is conservative but will no doubt mimic the practice of talking reasonable but would follow Beebe’s footsteps in many areas.  So if you want another governor that is completely out of touch with Arkansas values, Ross is your man.




In case you missed it the beleaguered owner of the NBA Clippers, being David Sterling, has received the utmost in humiliation.  Since Mr. Sterling is being portrayed as a mass murder or worse, the owner of the Bunny Club in Nevada is banning Mr. Sterling from his famous brothel.  The business reason this brothel owner gave was that many of the NBA players come there to relax so he is doing this to respect the rights of his NBA customers.


(Jerry Jackson of Heber Springs writes his “conservative viewpoint” column each week)