Blood sucking attorneys have a giant industry going that have already cost Arkansas billions and ruined dozens of companies.

If you watch TV only occasionally, you will be bombarded with requests to call these predatory attorneys to join in lawsuits against all kinds of folks – usually the pharmaceutical companies.  These blood sucking attorneys have a giant industry going that have already cost us billions and ruined dozens of companies.  The latest that I have observed is a request to call a certain law firm because Viagra and other “performance” drugs may also be causing cancer.

            Our Attorney General Mr. McDaniel, who had an affair with a woman who is now on trial for murder, decided he could be a hero by suing Johnson & Johnson over the manufacture and delivery of the drug Risperdal, an anti-psychotic medication.

            Unlike other states who approached this issue and settled on a more reasonable basis, McDaniel went for the throat and sued Johnson & Johnson for $5,000 for each 240,000 prescriptions over a 3 ½ year period or a total of 1.2 billion dollars. With his chest puffed out McDaniel won this suit in the Circuit Court of Judge Tim Fox.

            In March the State Supreme Court threw out this judgment.  Any Arkansans interested in justice and the fact that judges should be interested in pursuing what’s right instead of trying to “get” a big corporation, should be thankful for the wisdom of the State Supreme Court.  There will be others, including those who write columns for The Sun Times, who care little about justice and bad-mouth the actions of any large corporation.  In their minds all big corporations are evil and the profit motive for any company is downright sinful.

            In this case Arkansas and its taxpayers (you and me) are damaged financially by the greed and bad judgment of Attorney General McDaniel.  Instead of settling for tens of millions and maybe more, McDaniel had to be a big shot and sue for the maximum or 1.2 billion.  Think of that when you vote for someone like McDaniel for attorney general or other political office.

            This is the same Attorney General along with Governor Beebe who failed to join the other 26 states in bringing suit against Obamacare.  The reason these two gave is they didn’t want to spend the taxpayers’ money by sending a State attorney to Florida.  This was the excuse given even though both knew the citizens of Arkansas were overwhelmingly against this unaffordable ghastly legislation.

            So what was McDaniel’s reaction when the Supremes put him in his place?  As John Brummett of the Dem-Gaz put it, he blew a gasket.  He said the ruling defied 170 years of precedent.  He went on to say the Arkansas Supreme Court is getting a reputation for being result orientated, meaning it decides how it wants a case to turn out and then backs into the ruling even if that requires gymnastic contortions.

            With this type of spiteful retort how would you like Mr. McDaniel to represent us on any other issue before the Supreme Court?  This is not far-fetched as the misguided Circuit Judge in Pulaski County – Mr. Piazza has declared Arkansas’ anti-gay marriage law unconstitutional.  So whose responsibility will it be to protect the 75 percent of Arkansans who voted against gay marriage?  You guessed it, Attorney General McDaniel.

            But don’t worry folks, McDaniel has publicly declared he supports gay marriage but he will work exceedingly hard to represent us to uphold the existing law.  If you believe that, you will believe anything.  Isn’t there a provision somewhere mandating that McDaniel recuse himself from this obvious conflict of interest position and allow us to be represented by someone who agrees with current law?  It would not be surprising that McDaniel will reverse his statement and refuse to stand against gay marriage opponents. This is exactly what Mr. Holder, our country’s attorney general, has instructed the states’ attorneys general to do.

            Attorney General McDaniel should be leading the way for tort reform in Arkansas.  Many states including adjoining states Texas and Mississippi have invoked common sense tort reform resulting in a healthy business climate.  Texas has contributed something like 40 percent of this country’s new jobs in the last few years.  Do you hear this fact from Obama?

            Great progress can be made in our state if Arkansas cleans the slate this November and rids itself of public office holders who have done their best to keep Arkansas at the bottom in many areas.




            I want to thank a Sun Times reader who called my attention to how I butchered the spelling of “Privilege” in last weeks column.  Got the spelling right in the body of the column but the headline was a goof-up.


(Jerry Jackson of Heber Springs writes his “conservative viewpoint” column each week)