As this will be my last column (not of my choosing) there are so many things I would like to incorporate in it.

As this will be my last column (not of my choosing) there are so many things I would like to incorporate in it.  First of all I have appreciated the opportunity to write this weekly column over the last 11 years.  I have tried to keep a balance between the unbelievable corrupt actions of the Obama Administration and the progress of conservative leaders and the benefits of our capitalistic system. This is the capitalistic system that has produced the best living conditions in the world and provided the opportunity for economic, educational and social improvement despite forces to destroy it.  I have also pointed out some of the great accomplishments of so many in this community.

            We have lived in Arkansas for almost 30 years and during that time we have witnessed a dramatic turnaround on the acceptance and approval of conservative Republican principles.  Our first year in Cleburne County we asked for a Republican ballot.  The poll worker looked at us as if we had just arrived from Mars.  After all, no one admitted they were Republicans.  The Cleburne County Republican Committee consisted of five or six people and often met in private homes.

            My, how times have changed.  We now have somewhere between 90 and 100 dues paying members of the Cleburne County Committee and monthly meetings are well attended in an overflowing meeting room of the ASU administrative building.

            During this drought period the one organization that existed and still flourishes is the Cleburne County Republican Women.  They continue to remain active and for years sponsored the Cleburne County Homes Tour.

            You may have noted that in this current election year there were many candidates in the Republican primary.  In fact, some former Democrat candidates are not running or if they do they are now changing parties or running as Independents.

            The logical question is why have conservatives made such tremendous gains in Cleburne County and throughout Arkansas?  I will give you a few reasons.  The Democrat machine that has run Arkansas including our current governor has done nothing to prevent the killing of innocent unborn babies.  Last year our Republican controlled legislature supported by the vast majority of Arkansans took action against this heinous activity.

            Ditto for the voter I.D. law.  Most responsible Arkansans understand we must have identification for many functions and activities but until 2013 we had no legislation specifically to this point on voting.  Now we do.           

            Most Arkansans realize the dangers and the un-affordability of Obamacare.  When our two Democrat senators voted for it, it turned the stomach for many of us.  The two senators did not represent us and simply solidified the move to elect more conservative legislators.

            Most voting Arkansans are proud of their fiscal responsibility.  Conservatives are aghast at out national debt which will approximate 20 trillion dollars when the Obama Administration mercifully comes to an end.

            Although Arkansas is a little late in the conservative trend of the Southern states, our state has now moved with a vengeance.  In 2012 Obama received some 22 percent of the vote in Cleburne County.  If an election were held today he might not receive 15 percent.

            This is truly a great community we live in.  I could go on and on listing the efforts and the financial contributions of so many of our citizens.  I have been fortunate to be a small part of a few of these organizations.  As the old Future Farmers of American’s creed states, “There should be less need for charity and more of it when needed.”

            As a retired partner of a CPA firm I am amazed at the lack of financial knowledge of some of our educators, public officials and many of our students.  This lack of education makes it difficult to work in and understand our capitalist system and leads to many decisions that sometimes make life miserable.  If you don’t understand the importance of personal budgeting and basic financial management, many disappointments will result.

            Finally I have some exciting news on a new program that will be starting in this year’s fall school session in Heber Springs.  This program is being headed by Mark Brugner and called PEER POWER.  Special tutoring will be given to some third graders to bring them up to speed.  The tutors will be accomplished high school and college students and they will be paid for their tutoring work.  The model for this is a successful program in Memphis, Tennessee which has greatly increased learning and test scores in mathematics, science, and language skills.




            For those Democrats who can put up with the Obamacare mess, can handle the death of four Americans in the Benghazi scandal, can withstand the IRS boondoggle and can ignore the mistreatment of thousands of veterans and their healthcare, then the action of this administration releasing thousands of illegal immigrants who are murderers, rapists and violent criminals should not bother you.


(Jerry Jackson of Heber Springs has written his “conservative viewpoint” column each week)